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It actually what really well we had a good turned out of people um it was then palm desert so is getting pretty hot already but we saw the great turnout of people and i tried to sneak out about six in the morning and cash wanting to go with me so you know he came and is the cameras and need it all of its scratching with me and the warren i then we walk you know because obviously not a runner but uh it was great then we'll have some uh like fresh june's back there and hung out and get club well here's the question i know i know you were you were saying you're not a rudder so so as far as the run ten i alfort into this did we get was it like a run to walk five or one run five walk five was it like a walk 9 and running water was a just let's walk the whole thing well so i made the mistake of leaving for palm springs with out my stroller though i probably got about a mile an with cash on my health before i turn around and was like i can't even do that so i made the terrible that there's an of walking with a thirty pound child on my hip but about the time i got back all the runner to brown their way back so it took me about this time though it worked out for me i worked out perfect right so i don't know you nearing runners so that was and if my youth killed like i didn't bring the stroller but with a genuine like mom mistake but it worked out in my favour well i've never understood strollers either because mike i don't know how your son is but i know my daughter when she was at age we had a stroller but also was was to carry all your crap because shoot smell her illness it was just you'd go to disneyland with the stores like all the store ashes where you put all your crap because the kids never actually in it they're always on your hip for your arm right.

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