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In his last seven starts while Tanner Roark has done five zero with a one sixty three ERA in his last six now they will clash to try to. Put an end to one of those streaks here today last night the Mets got off to a, good start in. This series, thanks to six shutout innings from. Jason Vargas in, the Mets, blinked the nationals three to nothing. It was the thirteenth time this. Season that Washington has been shut out and blink for. A second straight. Game they also didn't score any runs in the last game of their previous series against the Phillies the Mets didn't get a lot done offensively against GIO Gonzalez only one run but it wasn't off an RBI single from Wilmer Flores. In the. First inning Jay Bruce helped. Put it away a two run. Homer is returned from the disabled list to give the Mets there three nothing. Lead we saw left-handers yesterday Vargas and, Gonzales both pitch well, against offenses that typically don't do well against left Handed pitching Mickey Callaway trying to think of a. Theory, on why. The Mets and the nationals don't hit lefties very much it's time for the manager show with Mickey Calloway Mickey yesterday we saw Jason Vargas in GIO Gonzalez couple of pitchers that have been struggling facing offenses that don't hit left handed? Pitching, very well what what makes an. Offense unable to touch some of, these lefties. The way that you guys have the way we saw the nationals look against Vargas yesterday yeah that's a hard thing to decipher I think that sometimes you know you can you can get lefty and they're and they're running the ball away from all your right handed hitters and. The the guys to start staying on the ball, in often driving at that right.

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