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Sports radio as we are just a couple of hours away from the college football playoff and what a day it's going to be it's going to win the whole thing eight five five two one two four two two seven that's what we've been talking about over the course of the morning and for me when I look at what the complete picture is what do you want to see what are the check marks that you have when you were building that team in your mind that is the best contender well I want a team that has superstar town a quarterback I wanna superstar pass rush I want a guy that knows what he's doing it head coach I want an overall team I want quality wins I want the numbers to go with it and so whom I talking about well it's Ohio state Ohio state is the best team with the best chance to win the college football playoff that's why I believe in the most because it's not just that they have everything you want as a team but you know what because people say well Vince what about I was you they've got the quarterback they've got star defensive talent they've had wins against good teams so one of them didn't have the consistency especially on the defensive side of the ball it's a team game we get caught up in the offense Joe burrows easy to talk about is fun to talk about you see those borough jerseys EA you X. the great right it's really cool to see you win the Heisman I get all of that but defense does matter and for Ohio state they've got the best defensive player in the country and that defense has been lights out all year they allowed ten points a game that's who I believe in because it's that with a top ten offense I trust that I'd seen it all year LG's defense been great the last couple weeks if they come out and they shut down Oklahoman they get that number two offense in the country and they make them look pedestrian okay well now we can have a different conversation and next week we will but for now I need to see them do it again I I got to see them do it one more time until then I go with Ohio state that's the pick so a five five two one two four two two seven you can also join the show on Twitter at it's Vince Quinn who is your pick we go to ray who's in Akron ray I have the feeling that you're an Ohio state fan just the gas you would say so okay so you got that one in this thing right well it's like this is long as they don't have a hick up like they did against Wisconsin the first half and the only four quarters a ball and see what everybody real doesn't realize is that what before the college playoff started the last say you like let's go ten years okay the power conference was no longer being the SEC and that's the problem is for so long the SEC is dominated college football and that's the all the big wigs and everybody it's all about the SEC SEC in the last ten years the big ten his it's actually been the more power for conference Ellis you had good and and well over five years ball okay okay he sees that horrible you can see the S. E. C.'s been horrible well if you go by the standard but they're holding the big ten in the ACC in the pac twelve they been horrible if you think about it let's go let's go back to last five years okay mixtape in is actually been one of the smart coach is because if you look at the last two seasons alone who has Alabama played and we'll start off this year the only two good teams Alabama played this year was LSU and got basically what then they came back you know at the end okay and they played over and all burnt technically if we were going to say who played the tougher schedule all year by what's out there now is all the all over yeah they had a rough go yeah yeah they did they played a lot of rankings and see nobody give him credit for that and see here's the thing is Alabama dot what basically by them as far as I'm concerned the and if they were to say what's to a to a two well aid they played look look at the teams they played the last two years let's just go by their their season but they played for two years automatically they put a man into the into the playoffs because they have not played anybody and that's what I'll Hyles they did is they got a little more flops and I'm you know we never used to do that we we started off with good teams rap about maybe one or two and everybody usually does that not conference I mean when Alabama lost Ellis you in the the game before all burn they they raise them by sixty six points against the worst defense in college football well yeah and and something to your credit the idea of you don't have to play great teams to get to the playoffs you're right and for Alabama I mean why would they when you have the pedigree of being Alabama if you just play bad teams and blow them out you get the benefit of the doubt and for Clinton is the same thing exactly and then the ACC coincidence feeling little house they've been feeling okay it's just like when they started the playoffs in the last five years you had basically when Ohio state lost the game they said you basically have to both teams out and you cannot lose any games you have to go undefeated so but now this year when Alabama lost the game they were find an excuse for one loss team to get in it's just they re write the standards and and going into our budget before the championship games they said as long as Ohio state wins in in Ellis you wins it it is not going to make a difference if that by big margins are not in it when they go to paper they purposely put all our Ellis you over top of Ohio state because it's the Cinderella think David pickin Burleson them to go to the national championship all year Ohio state did need were they weren't even talking highs men for any of the three guys that eventually got put in and till chase young got suspended and then everybody started throwing a fit well why isn't Dobbins why isn't chase white wise and feel you don't I mean yeah and they've got a lot of town rain you make a lot of great points and I appreciate the call you you look at what Ohio state's got they've got a you can credibly talented team they played some pretty good games you know Wisconsin Penn state Michigan Michigan state they played solid teams they've done very well against those teams and now here they are the number two seed they've earned it there in a good situation where I mean you got to get past Clemson but amen your number two seed here you're right there you've got a shot and I believe them the most I really do I think the complete picture of Ohio state what do they bring the table or to the table that's the championship picture right there so buying Ohio state and clearly if I don't think if you noticed on the call he is too so how do you feel about it feel free to call in at eight five five two one two four two two seven by the way we're coming to you live from the rocket mortgage by quicken loans studios millions of Americans finance the homes of their dreams with their help they can help you to rocket mortgage push button get more gets let's push a button to bring up Rick who's in Atlanta Rick you're on CBS sports radio good morning how are you doing I'm doing great how are you all right all right I'm going to talk about and you know brown but first posted posted again southbound after breakfast is is a is okay yeah see I did not I did that's good for herself yeah nice so you go order a bacon egg and cheese sandwich you get a side of toasted buttered up you don't buttered up he's totally all right in your book that's good to hear Rick you'd be all I was diagnosed with bipolar in may of two thousand man and I'll sit here listen to the show and and rate and so forth so what elements of website sees this sounds a lot and so many of these are actions are sent to the person about polar wild mood swings you for yeah yeah speech right in anger ricin files impulse actions Haitian false belief of superiority hyperactive quick temper irritability and disorganized behavior yeah I mean it's yeah yeah I know psychiatrist but if those are the things they certainly line up and and and assign years you're talking about your maybe his agent was trying to talk to him but you have to be willing to listen I have to be I had to get to the point where I was willing to listen to a psychiatrist and to lead the medical people you know as long as he won't listen and not a whole lot thank you Dave but sales lack that he's really dealing with it and the activity is when you're in the middle of it you don't recognize it you don't realize your own arrived behavior you just don't notice it so I would just like to get some help I think you have a secure person but it's probably been battling for several years so yeah and and the thing is when you were a successful NFL player and you've got all this money and people are basically on your bank rolled they're just gonna be yes man for you and so he's probably not gotten good advice for years now who are the people that are like outside of his agent who are the people in his life were the friends of the family members who were the whoever that are telling him Hey man like you shouldn't do this you shouldn't do that your little out of control because he's just he's completely lost it and and the crazy thing is Rick like and I don't mean as upon is that when you're looking at Antonio brown here he's maybe thirty one years old so for him to have this kind of extreme behavior he's only got a couple years left where he can be a really good receiver and she might wasted those years and not realize I mean there's an there's avenues clearly for him to get back into the NFL and Rick thanks so much for the call he there's ways friend Tony brown to get back in the NFL we know that because the saints just brought him in for a workout has he done anything and I mean this literally anything Antonio brown that shows you he's ready to come back in the football and be a risk at least keep to himself teammate not blow things up member of an organization no.

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