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Um some people are trying to use eminent domain o f take his house and bulldoze it so they can build overpass oh no and he claims that he was not informed and he's very upset about it and he and his friends of ford prefects go to a bar to have some during sounds like a horror that i don't want it does sound like a car that you don't want because it is a the name of a car because ford prefect is an alien any named himself after what he thought was the dominant form of life on the planet it's a bad cop that's a good okay so carriers can be jokes in this book is where it can be an often are jokes and only entire races of of things can be jokes also like goal like must like star trek sure a race can just an entire race of things can just be defined by a quality teas then used as shorthand yeah that's one of the the like in uplifting sciencefiction like something like a rival rate which varied uplifting movie uh when like we encounter another cinch should form of flow of life like the the uplifting version of that story is that like mankind you nights and put aside its differences and becomes like one species in the way that like killed children's books with animals like all the mice are a one team and all the cats are on their team and what not.

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