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Argyle you'd be forgiven if you hadn't it's based on a book of the same name by e. conway have you read it. No you have not because it is not even out yet and yet it is the start of a series of books. The film adaptation of which is being held by matthew vaughn for apple studios a piece from deadline says the film is also expected to be the start of a series. Certainly something vaughn has done before. He's been a creative force behind all three films and the kingsman series on argyle deadline says the film setting up a new franchise for vaughan follows the world's greatest spy argyll as he has caught up in a globetrotting adventure which takes him from america to london. And beyond well that could describe kingsman or bond moore born were jack ryan or even austin powers. Speaking of which this film has star power despair with a cast that included henry cavill sam rockwell bryce dallas howard bryan cranston catherine o'hara johnson Samuel l. jackson and the latest edition arianna dubose apple. Tv plus viewers know the tony award nominee from schmidt. Geduhn she played. The town's teacher emma. Tate imdb lewis argyle as in production. It is expected to be released sometime in. Twenty twenty.

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