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It's so low, Spain, Spain and fits on ESPN Radio Sirius XM Channel 80 and the ESPN Apple presented by Progressive couldn't get into a little n ba talk here. I was excited to settle in to watch my bulls was that last night or the night before who can keep track time is a flat circle on the Raptor covert situation caught up to him yet again. The work. We're absolutely going to keep an eye on what's going on with the Raptor and that and I saw someone bring up a point very smartly and perhaps awkward for for those who have And consistently in defense of the NBA and how they run things is even the initial push back to playing without a bubble and the many co vid positives that have happened and suspended or postponed games. They still aren't getting the kind of criticism that the NFL or baseball Got in terms of demands to put the season on pause. And I don't know if it's just that they earned so much good will from the percent precision of the bubble season that people sort of are giving them a little bit of grace here, But it is strange to kind of look at how critical we were of other sports and they're handling and as games continue to be postponed, as as multiple players and coaches are out That same that same criticism doesn't seem to be there for the MBA. Do you think it's probably a double standard being applied? Because of how much respect there is for the relationship between the players and owners and on for out front for for, you know Adam silver as well. Let's get into the news of the day in the N B. A. And that is the firing of Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce. Not even quite halfway into a season. They've had injuries. They've had covert issues, Azaz everybody, but I think the expectation was that they were going to take a step forward, and it just didn't happen. 14 and 31st in the East Loss to Miami on Sunday night. It was their 11th loss with 1/4 quarter lead, and I guess they just decided to bring the hook. Nate McMillan assistant coach is gonna get a service the interim and I think this game is a pretty big surprise to people who thought Lloyd Pierce would get a little more time, especially because of how adored he is. For his work in the community is influence around the Hawks. This is but a dream. Well, Trotsky, ESPN NBA insider had to say about it on SportsCenter. Think there was a feeling in the organization that Lloyd Pierce's voice was not resonating the way they hoped it would in that locker room anymore. And so they decided here, just the head of an All Star game in Atlanta, which is certainly interesting timing when you're the host team, and it's and it's your showcase. They would like Nate McMillan to become the interim coach 16 years as a head coach in the MBA. He's on Lloyd Pierce's staff. I know he was meeting with Lloyd Pierce of the rest of the staff. To talk through it with Lloyd. He was very loyal, has been very loyal to Pierce on so in for Atlanta that maybe the short term move here, Nate McMillan in his interim coach, if he chooses to do it. Yeah. I mean, you get that extra time around that all star break for the for the new coach, the interim coach to take over for Macmillan to get his bearings. But to be fair, it is a bit disappointing. At least it's not a regular All Star year when you would be the host for your city and your team, But it is, I'm sure still a bummer..

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