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Where the strength most of that's looking back to what happened in spring? We've actually already incorporated some of those things into are planning for the fall. Authorities still looking for an 18 year old in all burn, who's been missing since last week. Thomas Green, last seen by a friend. September 5th. Police released a video showing him trying to go into a closed convenience store on Martin Luther King Drive. It's not known when the video was taken. Anyone with information should call the police and in college football. You Abie lost 31 14 to the Hurricanes in Miami tomorrow. South Alabama host to Lane in mobile. The JAG start the season want to know for the first time in four years? Troy opens the season September 19th against Middle Tennessee and the former Crimson Tide star and now rookie receiver for the Raiders. Henry Rugs. The third will be starting. I'm Leah Brandon, you're next news at 9 30 coming up. It's the Glenn Beck program in less than two minutes on Birmingham's local news, traffic and weather station. News radio 1055 w. E. R C and I Heart radio station. Someone once said Los happening, just functional summers. I've latest update, not a political process at the top and bottom of the hour. It is a public health project. Check in 234 times Today, clock is ticking on NewsRadio 1055 w. E. R C 11. We had the author of then a new book, the only plane in the Sky. Jared graph. Jarrett had put together one of the most incredible books. It was all in Realty time. And it was all quotes from people be them. You know, people in the military or the government or celebrities or just regular people, police officers, firefighters. And put the day in context of what people were saying at the time. It's really an incredible book. On 9 11. Well way had the conversation about 9 11 and his book last year. I wanted to have him on because He listened to everyone on DH and and went through all of the comments on 9 11 and put them in order. Does he see those kinds of uniting comments even possible in today's America? Jared graph, the author of the only plane in the Sky. As we remember today, the 19th anniversary of 9 11 thiss is Dennis Lindback program. I don't know what is wrong with me. I'm sorry. It's.

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