Iran, Israel, Taran discussed on WLOB's Morning News with Ray Richardson


Between iran and israel between jerusalem mitterrand how's that yes thank you to the caller i met tel aviv it didn't feel right when i said taran but i just sort of moved on from it i meant telaviv anyhow three thousand year old capital of israel there has never been a palestinian state there is no history for that despite all these maps that have been created by all of our friends on the other side who some reason fell in love with yasser arafat and his boys yasser arafat a man who never slept in the same bed two nights in a row because he was such a bad guy he had to be on the move at all time so nobody could track him down anyhow so i'm thrilled that the president's done this i'm thrilled for israel as you know i'm a great supporter of israel you know you gotta do is we ought to check in with our friend sasha kaplan we check in with her because she is known on the internet is captain israel who is sasha kaplan she's been in studio like bunch of times she's she's do you actually liked her you told her you thought she was courageous in her words did you did wow well we it's okay because we've had thirteen thousand guests here did you know that by the way that many thirteen thousand guests here it's extraordinary it's absolutely crazy and we're thankful to all of them for showing up but thirteen thousand guests so it's you know but anyhow we should call her we should call her wake her up duty caller and say hey look we want you to be on this morning and share your thoughts because she's incredible and she's a warrior for israel let me tell you and but she's a bright young woman and.

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