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Rethought live. We are continuing more content from forthe past 2020. It's been almost two weeks we're going to be here. Until Sunday. So we still got a whole other show ahead of US erection, recording Friday's show on Thursday Now, so it was Wednesday. Just before that break. Now we have flashed forward in time to Thursday. We are time travellers indeed. And welcome, Tio. Welcome to the continuation of the second hour. For us. It's the next day. With you here in the studio in an area as normal. But now joining us, he already heard his voice. The captain, Captain Kick ass. I made it. Finally I met my first freedom Fist and it's great. Is it great? Okay, that's interesting. I was going to ask you how you know your first impressions were coming into what has been a A. I would describe it as an intimate Fork fest here this year. There's definitely at least I would say a few dozen maybe several dozen people who are here in the park for Fork fest, but it's hard to know how many people are really here for Fort Fast because There could be more than that You'd have to go around and literally ask everyone that you see because there's no like, you know, there's no official anything with forecast. There's no hope of official name badge. We do have name badges. So if you want a name bad you can have one. But like, you know, less than half of the people that I offer it to who I know are here for forecast. Wanna name badge? Right. So that's you Can't do that. There's no official anything. There's no tickets on and so but but just based on like the people who I know are definitely here for forecast. I'd say a few to several dozen are here. What do you think? Are you? I would say that's accurate. Maybe as high as 50. I don't know. I think so. I think that's a maybe. A firm. Maybe my gut was telling me 30 but that's just based on my impressions. I'm going to say much more than I want to say more than 30 16 and Collins tent, the other right just between Colin's tent and the tent of the quill Ege tent, which is one right across these are the two main party tents..

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