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KFBK from ABC News. I'm Dave Packard Fingerpointing President Trump and local leaders in Portland, accusing each other inciting violence in the city leading to a deadly shooting ABC scandal. Whitworth is there. Portland's mayor blasting President Trump after a weekend of violent clashes in his city and the death of a right wing supporter. Do you seriously wonder? Mr President. Why This is the first time in decades that America has seen this level of violence. It's you the president firing back on Twitter, calling the mayor weak and pathetic. The Trump campaign today, continuing to push incorrectly that Democratic challenger Joe Biden wants to defend the police, and that the former vice president has not condemn violent protesters, which he is expected to do today during a rare public appearance in Pittsburgh. New guidelines for police discipline announced today in the nation's largest city for decades, the system for disciplining Aaron police officers and the NYPD was inconsistent and secretive. Mayor Bill de Blasio wanted to change that. We wanted to be clear that when certain actions were taken Certain mistakes are made that there will be accountability, new guidelines standardized punishment for everything from use of a chokehold and wrongful use of deadly force to drunk driving in domestic violence, the police commissioner would still have final say over severity and duration of punishment. Aaron Carter. SKI ABC NEWS NEW YORK The D. C Circuit Court of Appeals denying an effort by former National Security advisor Michael Flynn and the Justice Department to force a district judge to dismiss his criminal case. The Corona virus pandemic once again impacting sports this time, it's the U. S open taking place in New York The first Grand Slam tennis of Census pandemic started is scheduled to begin here today. And even with all the strict safety guidelines, AH.

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