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And I think Jay Bill will be able to tell you too because he's, you know, lives in that area and is really involved with basketball and that area, and he knew grant pretty well. And he thought he was kind of a, you know, mid major type recruit coming out of high school. He just didn't quite think that Williams had the, you know, the the the size and athleticism and quickness combination to play on the perimeter certainly at that level. And he didn't think he'd be big enough to go inside. I think he thought he was a good player, but certainly not an elite player, but that really hold up the story of this entire Tennessee team. I I don't know that there's any way to go back and look at this. I don't think there's an Elias sports bureau for this. But I don't know how many teams have ever been number one nationally without a single top one hundred prospect on the roster now, that's just amazing the player development. They've had with these guys. You you go down the list, you know, all those guys they've got none of them had Kentucky Duke you as he offers. No, they were. We're friends prospects on the Rick Barnes, and this staff sauce things they liked they develop them and here they are is that changing now. And I know that the big time players are starting to look at that. But you start getting a different type of player in that system. Does it does it upsets the balance of what retry to accomplish? I think that remains to be seen. But I have a feeling that won't be the case 'cause he's bringing in a five star next year jobs. I James who everybody wanted. He was a kid who he's from right down the road there from from the the triad area motor Alama either in Charleston and the dad play the Michigan state and Michigan state wanted him. But he loves grant Williams, and he picked Tennessee. So, you know, they're starting to get those kinds of guys again. But I think if you go back to the end of ribons tenure at Texas, and he noticed things starting to go sideways when he looked up in the culture, just wasn't what it used to be when he got when he first got there, and he's sort of built that scrappy underdog mentality early on in Texas, and they won big. And then he started the culture kind of start to erode. And so when he got Tennessee, he was really really particular about the the kinds of guys he took from a character standpoint from an unselfishness standpoint from a coach ability standpoint, there's a certain type of guy now. That he's looking for. And I've said it before I'll say it again, quite that old seen and Seinfeld. When he talks about, you know, you reach a certain age, you put the car in reverse, and you just all back any more. You're just going. That's how Rick Barnes is now recruiting he's going to put the car in reverse. And he's not looking I if he sees something he doesn't like going the other way. And I think that is why there might be more sustainability at the situation at Tennessee. Because I think he knows exactly what kind of guy he wants. Now. What's quick question before you go because for so many years we had the opposite being true? The antithesis of of what we have. Now, we had women's basketball ruling, the roost number one in the country. And the men's were struggling does this change the calculus at all what we're seeing from coach Barnes with Holly Warlick's situation that she's facing the the number one team in the country and women's basketball tonight. Oh, sure. I mean, you can use any word you want. Embattled, you know, Ossie whatever word the phrase you wanna use. I mean, that's certainly what Hollywood let's face and right now and nobody's happy about the situation. False. He sees a former Tennessee star. She's from Knoxville her jerseys in the rafters, Tennessee. She was patch right hand. They're out that ten year she's beloved in this area, but that program has a standard, and it's clearly not being met. They're losing it historic levels right now..

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