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Seed germinating to around reaches a temperature fifty five degrees. So if he did, you know two weeks ago snowed on every few today. It's still going to be dormant until a little bit. And then into coming up. I all the team. But. Seed is it's a little tricky. Okay. So for example, you gotta prepa ground. You gotta see you got to address. You just can't go get a seat and just roll it. And hopefully. It's gonna take the perjure gonna take it's gonna take it. And they're going gonna sit there, and you're gonna go and look at all this money and nothing hand until I so we gotta prep it Joe. So when you say prep, it does that mean, you gotta take a hard rake and kind of move around the dirt a little bit. So it'll sync it absolutely. You ain't gonna scratch the surface. Chances are they're it's contacted Nisa reason why you don't have grass just got too much shade or trail last year had diseases who knows what was on there. So you have to center area because you also route system Stanford. She was a nice soft soil to hang onto, you know, if anything else you do customer. What's told me, you could put it in a five dollar plant, and it turned out whole awards, dude. Appropriation. Get ready. You know, let me ask you this. When we actually plant the grass with the topsoil on top of it. How often do you have to water? Great question. You really wanna know? I do wanna know. Yes. Believe it or not it's and it's twice a day. For like, ten minutes thing is to have to keep it moist. You can't let drought dries out cheese deceit such germinate. You're you lost new done. So there's a little tricky. You know, guys like me, we believe inside we believe in the green stuff, you roll it up and boom in ten days, you got Wrigley field or miss. Where do you buy your side? Where do you get it? Most for him scancen. There's a local supplier this plane's bring in fresh every day. Okay. So shot is is like it's very personal. I mean, if you're lucky that you pick it up in the morning, you gotta late afternoon. If dependent season it is maybe pulled off the next day. But it's cold. But you know, it it's something where if you have I told my customers if you ask three hours or sound like in the area, let Saad it because I can get you in fourteen days, you have a protocol on seat and fourteen days and guarantee you make you gotta nature girl. Got I love that. That is inside his it's really not that expensive, especially if you have a small area because people waste so much time putting grassy down. But when do you recommend grassy Joe when do you recommend? Time I recommend gray sheet is if you have air, that's Tweety shady where it doesn't have three hours later, two and a half hours Kentucky bluegrass loss. That's the only area and even in those areas sometimes tried to my customers away from it, for example, instead of messing around with the seat all time if it's real shady, silver maple you have to see this playing and to see it again as temper so unless you're a Turkey as we call them then. Yes, go ahead, otherwise put some ground Coulter, you know, putting some pick Sandra something, you know, some annual some color will be outdoor seating. All the time. Why are you wasting your time? I like this. I was gonna ask you that. Because on the common area near the street. I just yeah. Whatever that things, you know, common area area there by the park. Got a coffee break. I gave up I'm mulched. Put some stones looked good. And you know, it it probably doesn't look good. Are. It looked really good. Okay. I did you put mulch in stone in the same area. I've been a couple of big stones in much round. Okay. Yeah. Like a little. Yeah. I just I just for decoration. And sometimes that's what happened about a Parkway's where people are just tired of grass, and they'll do like a mulch that put in their portfolios are grown covers do. Well. And it's a maintenance for year you have to miss it again. Nice job. We're talking Joe Polina. You can go to Tommy Polina dot com. It's available in your located in mount prospect. But you go just about anywhere. Can you take some phone calls? People have questions, sir. All right. Let's go to Steve in Evanston. Steve what's here question for Joe Polina? Go ahead. Hey, thanks for thanks for fitting me in. Joe? I have a bits called creeping Charlie that spread for beds into my lawn. And it's I try to get rid of the last year. But it's coming back this year. Is there anything I can do other than manually sitting there and trying to remove it all to get rid of it? Yeah. Don't sit manual. You. Just be wasting your time. You gotta get real. Unfortunately, Charlie's very difficult to get rid of the best time with any. We'd at all especially cool, Charlie his Irving spring with a herbicide. You know, there's a lot of her besides it will take care of that. I should say right una back. You know, what they did here? As far as we'd say they killed, but definitely gonna hit it in the spring and an a worse worst case scenario like if along us round, but if it's an area where waves from everything else even goes with the stronger, it will take care of it. But any be tillable take care of it. Got it early early enough to still take care of it. You think? Yes. I mean, I honestly I've seen some lines now with the with the end alliance colder and preteen, Charlie ready. And, but we start our maintenance program on next week the week after you know, I we definitely go out and take your the weeds but away before they get out of hand because. Essay guy wants told me that works for the company visit because failing to lie extreme west too. Because nothing's gonna happen spraying wet fruit. Joe pulling on the line Joe, I'm gonna make you hold on. Because we have some more callers at wanna talk to you. Okay. I'm gonna take a quick break in what's your phone number of people wanna call eight four seven six nine eight six eight six eight or they can go to Tommy Polina dot com. Now, Tommy our father. Time is actually my little name. When I started in nineteen eighty two uncles Joe was still in business. So I kind of been used. So this is all you all me been around since nineteen eighty two. I love that. All right. We'll get back Joe in a second quick break. It's seven twenty WGN. Twin study is at Scott Kelly was there and Mark Kelly was here on earth bodies different. Right. Not just as body, but his mind as well. Here's my longstanding.

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