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Everybody but those top top positions where you're always says you know jen morgan. Face a level of scrutiny. The number to the number three number fourteen don't have to face and so yeah i just. I'm thankful and it came about at a certain point when i was already established and number two. It's all bullshit anyway. Tell line the end. The bat yeah. Yeah don't don't don't fuck thing if you look to them for praise and you're like oh they love me then you'll be like oh they hate me so don't allow let's. It's always great to be loved but don't it just like a basketball. Don't our sports don't get too high on a win. Don't get too low on the loss. The more even keel. You are the better chance but like even to your point late. Mark jones day pass. These guys are great. And i kind of look at it kind of like the charles. Barkley's the guys that didn't win championships. Because michael jordan was there might blame is like this generations. You know marv albert right like everyone's like and it doesn't mean that mark might not be one of the top five to ever do it one a top two three of his generation but when you have a guy like you know mike breen who does most of the like the finals gains. And he's been the voice of the nba like it doesn't mean that you're not outstanding at your job and that's one thing that like i've enjoyed this this opportunity and i've been trying to get channing to call games. He doesn't wanna listen to me like chandy. Calling games is the most interest in that janet. I do. But i don't so i do. Nba twitter live and we talked the whole second. Half and my problem is as i switch onto basketball mode. It's so i pick a team. Which i generally like wanna go for that game. And i'm i'm like breaking down there like substitution patterns. Not a conducive way. So i to like. It's it's hard for me to transition from. What's the ear to actually translates. He like an alley. So i have taylor. Rooks alexis morgan. Who helped me translate this basketball. Because i'm like do their rotations on the weeks. I defense our trash. You need to get that top foot up kevin on these screens. like and i'm saying these things and channing. So what do you mean by that..

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