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You have meetings with each team on Friday in London. Do you know who the first conversation the first conversation set up is going to be with? Is that coach right there. Do you know the second one is whoever is starting quarterback right now? It's later to be the quarterback. He pulled. That's the way I as a broadcaster calling a game. We're going to be introduced to the pre-game chitchat. Let's get hit them all now while he's not, I should bring Frank pantley with me and apparently. Reportedly this happened yesterday. James Palmer was covering the game for the NFL network tweeted out that the media was lead into the locker room until they could overhear players yelling at each other and were shuttled out of the locker room. Eventually to be let back in when cooler heads prevailed and as Peter King pointed out our number two Jalen Ramsey said, I do believe I have the quote ride here. Jalen Ramsey said, quote, unquote. Ain't nobody going to say it because we can't, but it ain't no secret what's going on in it ain't right. Right now it is what it is. It's no secret. What's going on here right now. And everybody took that to mean the quarterback who he told gentlemen's quarterly way back in the spring is the guy who's not allowed to take reps against the first team defense because of issues with confidence. Yikes. NFL network nine thirty AM eastern time kickoff or the eagles pissed off coming in hit eagles pissed off too. So they lost yesterday seventeen point there and four and Doug Peterson said, now, this is apparently a good thing. Basically told them that, hey, pressures off of us. Nobody on the outside world, give us a chance to do much of anything and pressures off, so we can go play, have fun and just relax and and and a lot of football ahead to, you know, we, we still have a bunch of games and and still anything's possible. Anything can happen. And you know, we treated one week at a time. Smart move play the underdog card again, play the, you know, hey, we had. We were not favored at all. Last year. You all wore the dog masks we were. We were the dogs of the playoffs. Look, nobody's expecting you to do anything from three and four. Nobody's expected to do anything all year. So the pressure's off. Go whip up on the Jaguars over in London. They formed for going into the bye with eight games to go to against Washington DC work, though. When you're the defending Super Bowl champions not real. Now Adam Schefter just came up with an interesting story. What was my first down in four downs on Monday this week? It was only yesterday show. I was Friday show, but he patch show show Patrick. Hold on a second. Let me start again. What was my first down on Fridays? Proprietors Burgum? Yeah, Patrick Peterson chief should go after him. Patrick Peterson, according to Adam, Schefter has asked the Arizona Cardinals for a trade. And now. That the situation is gotten Deary deteriorating and he desperately wants out, desperately want the Kansas City Chiefs should call Steve and say, what do you want. Chiefs should call him. Now. Obviously, there's all ton of teams. Everybody needs cornerback help. Everyone can New England saints. Green Bay have got those young kids, anybody name it, name it name any team that has a shot at the Super Bowl. I'm sure the Rams are trying to figure out how they can get in on that cardinals would double the price. They're not sending them in division they want to. They want to get him out. To anybody else you do, what the chiefs did. You do, what the patriots did send them to the other conference. You see him only once every four years, the chiefs should call up the cardinals and say, what you want. Man, you put him there and bury comes back, healthy and Justin Houston, Southie look out below. Cardinals continue to say that they're not going to do it, but guess what?.

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