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Think if the defense takes extra step right. I mean you're looking at a front four of all first round picks. We had sean merriman in studio earlier this week and he loves washington. He's a defensive guy he thinks chase young's gonna have thirteen or fourteen sacks this year He he he loves what he's seeing from him he thinks he's going to wreak havoc. He did say you know there are gonna be times where chase young now is going to have a couple of games where he doesn't Doesn't get to the quarterback he thinks says factory and they come in bunches but he loves what he's seeing defensively and the crazy thing is in this. Kind of me sean. Maryland been retired for. How many years like. I played with ryan fitzpatrick. He was a teammate of mine. It's like good lord. But he's like it but what he said was you know. He's like fifty he's gonna have great stretches and he's gonna have bad stretches like we all matt anticipate but he said in this division You know those three four games may not matter all much. So he was a believer in fitzpatrick playing with him He loves the defense. He loves that front. And he's like what you know chase young like i. Did you know paraphrasing for shot. Mary means he's gonna get double team this year. He's going to get chipped. He's gonna he's gonna be the reason Teams you gotta come after him but washington has enough talent elsewhere to make other teams pay for that so is it opened up test sweat and he was talking about sweat there so i think that's how it'd be dead wrong William jackson does he continue as a ball or a corner He locked down there so I think there's plenty of chances You know. I bet. Jason davis to win rookie of the year Defensive rookie of the year. Which would be kind of interesting considering. That'd be back to back defensive. Rookie of the years in washington Don't really love my position where i'm at right now. Just based off of how the preseason went but that said. I think if if you're asking me how wrong is. James davis turns out to be the linebacker. That ron rivera. jack. Del rio handpick right. I mean he was a riser and the draft process going nineteen was.

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