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Sudden and in the middle of his laugh he turns his head straight towards the wall and slams it down on the metal the top of the metal pipe coming out of the top of the the urinal and just looks at me with this crazy smiles like blood's coming me down his forehead yeah so he took it the hard way we had color that night brother brother the hard way john berger longtime friend john berger writes in bros. My son reminded me that mahershala. Ali was also uncle aaron slash prowler in the animated spiderman into the spider verse. That flick was dope. I had low expectations for it and it crushed in my opinion so thanks for writing in john. I guess that was in a response to <hes> to our episode last week. Where we talked about face foreign mahershala ali become blade. Oh kyle likes plays. My buddy. Kyle plays by the way anybody if you haven't seen me already on cadillacs plays just talking to on youtube. Go check it out. <hes> it was super fun to do. He's a great interviewer. Good dude go check out his channel. Kylie's plays on youtube good stuff and i was super. Super charming is always his question is if i could bring back one famous or historic person to life who would it be and why well i wouldn't bring anybody back to life because i saw season six <music> of buffy the vampire slayer where you know she died at the end of season five fighting fighting glory and then everybody was so distraught and sad that they brought her back for their own selfish reasons in as it turns is out we find out that buffy was happy and at peace she was in heaven and they pulled her out of heaven and she woke up in the ground the klare way out so now i'm upbringing anybody. That's sick shit question. The laughter afterlife at laugh life adam he asks how much of accepted knowledge in the world will be deemed incorrect by twenty. Any fifty is a great question. I'm gonna go with thirty five percents. The next question comes from geeky girls night then at geeky girls and i on twitter if you could eat one cheese for the rest of your life which one would it be. That's easy the sharpest sharp provolone you can find a lot thank you for in writing it so dr tony ortega friend of the show and he hero to humanity writes in who would be the only man and you would have sex with now. This is a trick question because he's trying to put himself over and get me to say him but i'm i'm not gonna say tony. I'm not into the to the but stuff snap my thing and <hes> you know that's where food comes out so i would really not enjoy doing it so if i had to to do it and i was unhappy doing it. I would want whoever i was doing it with to share in my misery and discomfort so therefore the answer is bill. That's all from twitter. Let's go to the school to email please. Anybody ever has a question or anything feel feel free to either hit us up on twitter at b. f. e. pop culture or more through email. Remember email email's almost archaic at this point. We're at eat pop culture at would love to hear from you so this one comes from big pete from from glacier bay. Ooh now big pete. I'm a fan of the <hes> laughter life podcast and big pete is a a longtime friend of that show who writes in often so i'm actually i'm very honored to be getting email from big pizzas. A big deal to me. Were were crossing housing over universes. This is <hes> this is a crossover guys. This is crazy. What is your favorite food to eat while watching movies how about reading comic is insulin expensive in p._a. Pete i well. There's a couple of questions here so i'm going to take these one of the time. What is your favorite food to eat while watching movies <hes> i like mike annex thanks or popcorn. How about reading a comic. I won't eat while reading a comic because i can't. I don't want to damage damage the pages at all so before i read comics i wash my hands. I dry my hands and then i wait like fifteen minutes to make sure there's not even any water residue do on my hands and then i read comics so i don't. I'm not going to eat while reading comics. I have masturbated though laureen comics but that wasn't your question is insulin expensive m._p._a. You know you're up in canada with all the the experimental drugs and free health care and i i mean i don't i don't know i'm not i'm not diabetic yet <hes> so i don't know if it's expensive in p._a. I'm lucky enough to have health insurance so i hope i never now but if it's that that important to you i can ask around. I have a couple <hes> couple of diabetic friends. I do that math is is <hes> fairly reasonable around here. Your next e mail comes from this is amazing the dump king from the dump frank. I found an old box of maxim magazine's here at the dump and they all have your name and address on them. Why did you throw these out. Do people still watch wrestling on t._v. I only watch rats russell over old scraps of food decay once again a lot going on here so i'm i'm gonna take these one of the time the maxim magazine yeah i i mean something had to go. <hes> it was either my mad magazine's of which i have plenty plenty or my maximum magazines which most of the pages are all stuck together anyway so i got rid of them kept. The mad magazine's humor over dried semen. Do people still watch wrestling on t._v. Well yes sure we watch wrestling all the time three or four nights a week actually <hes> to be honest. I'm questioning whether you listen to the show because if you listen to show you'd know that we watch quite a lot of wrestling on t._v. <hes> and did you say you only watch <hes> watch the rats russel roles cups of food so do the rat the rats have gimmicks and names and stuff <hes> or is it just <music> a rat one and rat too. That's my question deep woods willy frank. Do you live near the woods. What is the the best bug spray. How much is too much beat. Why don't more people live in the woods deep woods. Do i live near the woods. Let's take that one. I i know not anymore. I grew up in the pine barrens though so i was raised in the woods <hes> you know we had the jersey level two so they were scary. What's <hes> actually the camp that they filmed the original friday the thirteenth that was was like right around the corner from the house. I grew up in so scary scary woods. What's my favorite bug spray. <hes> i just white dog shit oliver my skin and <hes> kind of attracts more flies but since i'm covered in dog shit i don't feel the flies. If that makes sense you should try it. I imagine an raccoon or squirrel shit would all work the same as far as deep goes. I don't think there is such thing as too much. I've never heard anybody say well enough already. So you know your heart out. Why don't more people live in the woods. I know i don't live in the woods. I'm i'm still scarred to death jeff from the stories of the jersey devil when i was growing up so there you go so everybody thanks for the for the emails males in the <hes> in the questions. I hope my answers were satisfactory. Tell you this is. This is a lot harder than i thought it. It was gonna be without bill. <hes> i miss him. I wish he was here. <hes> this is a this is a two man rowboat and i'm struggling right now but <hes> dissolve. You guys love you all right guy so we got big wrestling weekend coming up this weekend. We've got an x._t. And in toronto saturday night we've got the big party of the summer summer slam on sunday okay so i'm sure when bill and i put our heads back together next week and <hes> touch our tips will be talking a lot of wrestling so you're ready for that and <hes> next week we're gonna talk about how severity in powers of ten and that's all i got for you guys. It's a short short one this week. It's just me <hes>. I miss you. Bill za heavy load to carry remember to hit us up on twitter at b. the f. e. pop culture same on instagram bi f. e. pop culture and email us at <hes>. I'm sorry sorry. I just had a stroke. <hes> email us at g mail <hes> e- pop culture at djamil dot com also check out our youtube channel billing dylan frankie pop culture on youtube <hes> johnny beaver the great johnny beaver has been posted some pretty cool videos where he's walking you through trade paperbacks and talking about the comic i can give you reviews and their spoiler heavy so be careful but check it out. He's doing some really good stuff over there. You can also find those videos on our website bagged boarded in box dot dot com. We've got podcast transcripts of all the episodes on there. We've got some articles. I do summon on boxing's every once in a while janis posting a bunch of stuff on there so a lot of good stuff. Check it out you can get you know you can listen to our podcast on their <hes> <hes> if you have the time and you're so inclined in your a apple device user please go on apple podcasts in subscribed subscribe download all the episodes rate review us. Take your wife's phone or husbands phone do the same thing smack your kid in the mouth. Take his phone do the same thing. Hang breaking your neighbor's house. Take a shit in the tank of their toilet unhook the chain then take their phone and do the same thing <hes> <hes> really helps us out guys you know indi podcasts we spend a lotta time and we do a lot of work and <hes> it's for no reward except <hes> you know getting these reviews and and hearing from you guys on twitter and it's all worth it and we love it so help us out. We'll keep putting out the content and and <hes> talk to you guys next week. I love you all.

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