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How to make build one of these cars yourself from scratch. I think at one point. I saw something that you could actually take do it with a dodge daytona. Yeah you can't Interfere you can actually build off of fear. Oh body to vero chassis right there in a while you want to. But there's actually quite a few kit cars that they they made to build off of the chassis. Because i think knowing gave a crap about pharaohs ironically you could actually There was a guy in florida. I think he was kissing me florida. He was actually building. Dashes form like complete nightrider conversion parts for him but it would still be a fiero but it would have like the nightrider nose cone on it and you can have the complete dash awhile and then like the upper consoles things nice but they were scaled for a fiero. His the the guy who designed this car is name. Was bob ackerman. He was one of the lead. Race designers for chrysler. Like i said he wanted to see if it was possible to take a mid size four-cylinder and turn it into a race car but he knew the only way to do this was the body had to be ridiculously aerodynamic in. That's why i think that's why this car is so popular. But so they. They gave permission to use the car in the movie. 'cause they they wanted the exposure his chrysler at one point was seriously thinking about putting this into production as something to go against like the corvette or a a high end sports car but when bob ackerman went to the premiere premier the movie in saw the movie he walked out midway through i guess he absolutely hated the movie but then years later he kinda relented and said the only reason people know this car exists is because of the movie the race. Just think about it i. I didn't watch a lot of who pays attention to unless you're a big race fan. Who pays attention to pace cars. At the beginning of the indy. Five hundred this brought this movie out to a bigger audience than the race. Did invol- if you look at now..

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