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A chance to show off their latest gadgets alongside woolsey's tv screens and robots there are also quirky things like infrared handdriers and as our technology reporter chris were chris fox found out the internet connected one bottling plant proud you get wine after the waffle without pulling the coq floetry question or is now a gadget for it this is core of i'm a needle porsche it down here goes green and then outcomes the why in and against the why why pushing some gas inside the bustle which osa keeps the wind fresh and now we just take it back out on the one bostian is resealed and chris by two greg lamprecht the chairman of the company producing core of on why wife got pregnant and she stopped drinking so i had a proper and i realized i wasn't drinking any wind because if i had to finish the ball on my own actually roberson if i could tell a port wine out of the bali to mike lacoss that would be the perfect solution uh and so i got close why is this better than just putting a still from backing i found that you don't drink anyone you want by the glass if you've got to put a stop we're back in once you remove the court air starts to get it in that wine is on o'clock this particular model does coasts almost a thousand dollars for that price you could just by simone wine you could this is a this is an investment but i think it's a worthwhile investment czar first connected four them i was going to ask you one doesn't internetconnected wind both likeness it i mean it does all the normal stuff like it'll tell you how much are gone you have left we use argh on which is a nervegas slice long that after knows that wine is associated with brain experience so beyond just food pairings let's match you want to listen to david bowie's what does a great wind that you own that would pare perfectly with david boat we've actually develop an algorithm that works with the courtroom on eleven that'll make these types of predictions and it's a block moscow cities that was greg lamprecht on that we end this addition of the newsroom from the bbc world service in london i'm jackie leonard thank you for listening the balloon the distribution of the bbc world service in.

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