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This is WGN radio. Seven twenty m I'm Jim Toronto filling in for metabolic this morning. After the news, we will be talking about Toronto's travels, I gotta tell you about this guy that said next to me on a plane last week, won't believe it for thirty two, here's a news, Roger badesch played a secret recording the trial of former university of Illinois doctoral student, who's charged with slaying visiting scholar from China in which he describes how he killed the twenty six year old and how she fought fat. Jurors heard the recording of Brent book. Brent christianson made by his girlfriend when she wore a wire for the FBI, a ten million dollar legal claim says Phoenix police officers pointed guns, and profane Lee yelled, commands with the father and pregnant, mother of two young daughters because one of the children on the notes to the parents, had shoplifted, a dollar store. Parrot said officer injured their one year old daughter by pulling on her arm after the mother refused to a command to put the child down Chicago police have a person of interest in the fatal shooting. Wednesday night of a woman inside a Walgreens store store employee said the shooting was related to a possible, shoplifting incident. We'll check sports, traffic and weather next on WGN. They always told will he was too short to play basketball, but will never listen. We'll let his work ethic do the talking for him. Oh, always in the gym always running drills will new where there was a will. There was a way and he was will. But then after a second child was born be realized the pros were all way better than him. So we'll give up and buried his high tops in a tearful ceremony. But one day he heard that Geico could save money on car insurance. So he switched and saved a bunch, which was awesome. Hi,.

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