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You're listening to John. Anderson direct featuring Douglas Murray. Please note that John Anderson Direct is recorded live via online streaming which means that sometimes the audio quality is less than optimum. Thank you very much indeed for your time with us in Emma and tremendous reception amongst the big old excess accusations in this country to what you had decides which travelled farm law but the risen quickly from the Tremendous Company and Greg Compensations is at in that show. Time has changed beyond belief Celebrating celebrating the extraordinary reception of your madness crowds in which he talked about the way we up to end the stool liberalism and we're trying to create a society on some very unstable at Upton legs of that stool had braids raging but since they added. The whole outlook is completely changed. Fully lift was made an election which produced an extraordinary results. But we now have something. That's changing the way we live in the short term and likely to mess of the older guides ahead along will do the permanent damage. I think the Global Liberal Andhra economic future and sadly the other thing. I'd love to touch on this very good friend of yours loss to us all cerro description but if we could counted corona virus. I can you give us a European perspective. A what's happening in particular London and across your yes. It's was speaking. I think you know pretty early still in this crisis time in which the seriousness of it has now become clear. I think everybody everybody advice. Wool number of of people The government by some countries has had to take extraordinary measures. And we've seen announcements that. I think most of us would not expect to all is a by MRS telling everybody over the eighty seven thousand homes Future encouraging no more than two people the gallery in any one place encouraging also keep a distance from each other societies and much more and and these are things which very few people with thinking about until a few weeks ago. I'm extremely reluctant to make any pronounce occasions on it And remain silent on the whole issue because I do believe in expertise and there are a relatively small number of people who have spent a lot of time in their lives studying and Iris. By all in I think that these at these moments Mon So incredible testing Ahmad Things for society and they all the moments when we not only have to acknowledge humility and recognize that humility but drawer upon what reserves. We have and by that I mean the reserves of resilience and courage and fortitude and more which will be among the only things that will make sure we get through a crisis like this as very liberal. It most of us can do other than follow government advice. The scientists advice some people decide they would light cavalry with that and as I say. Hold themselves out as having some. Alvis petits or some people are still of course still fighting political battles Through the prism of coronavirus pro and a Pro. I feel office context saying the certain degree of contempt. Because a moment this is when everything changes and we get to remember what it seek fixture internal one. Motari citizens can do. Stay calm and carry on this. I think the past who is actually put up rounding boom but we will so what set of England in the style of the forties. Massive cultural changes that have taken place since. Then you've just on how much of that resilience that willingness to pull together in the face of across you think Can still be drawn out in Great Britain did I will. We'll see like with every country. I have tiny Feeling which I I try to Abacha way of the feeling of sort of In a way pleasure seeing A cliche I we will keep calm. Carry a sort of aggravating cliches nation to think of itself as having because I thought for a long time it's had been slipping away. Shall we say I think that Britain is no different from any other country in away? We'll we'll see. I say as Australia will what what personal resilience who's like but it's it's it's not getting the easy for people because there's such a degree of Pacific about it. There are lots of things we should not do but it's it's very harmful on people know what they can do. Enormous cruelties of that. This virus the cruelty of Encouraging people to be basically wary suspicious of other people having to distance ourselves on neighbors Rather than Dirk laced them The horrible thing which many of us have had moved all parents and their children not being able to touch each other to hug each other. These are these a meaningful personal cruelties. And we will have to find a way to get through. That and I would suggest that one way to do so is to put it in a kind of historical perspective and to say if this is A great test or even the great tests of this age than we should consider ourselves relatively lucky because it hasn't come about through having to kill people and it hasn't come out through wars come about through something which commits us to a passivity bottles demands resilience of us which I rise to like everyone else. It has been I should say I just add. One thing has been enormously to see people across the world particularly for me. I'm from across the continent of Europe. having to do things which they just were not expecting ever have to do in their lives and people celebrating the people who are showing resilience in that you know. The people actually have suffered greatly in recent weeks greatly and the thing that we want to talk about do talk about rightly is not just the suffering but the heroism which they've shown it's mostly she services no medical solve but also people you know it's it's videos of the. Italians standing on that balcony singing the gone around the world. And that's that's the those are the things to hold onto. I think understand what you're side actually. Despite the fact that way Pinson unfortunately imagery news school of as that Ab- roll of toilet pipe in the supermarket had become a front page story in the Scandinavian newspapers. And that's pretty impressive. Added perfected police. What is happening in some quarters strategy of of all countries need? Not Worry about supply and stuff. Cnn Mums all of Britain's sufficient in food is remarkable for a seventy nine in paper lung area. That's about the same as the victory once represented in the central problem straight might Will the.

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