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Talk about crazy rich Asians because of its Megyn cast this has John show who you mentioned as star Asian-American but it's not you know he's, the lead even though it's not an Asian American highlighting film. Which actually in a way sounds like a bigger deal almost thing. Crazy rotations you make an excellent point because that's when. We know that progress is happening is when race neutral roles can go to anybody you know. This isn't necessarily. A role written for, a particular ethnic identity and so the fact that you don't I think it's a real he has he is such, a good Leading man and this will probably be the test. Of that, you know and it'll it'll announced them as a viable commercial. Leading man so I think you're absolutely, right about that sure exciting anything else. Opening up over Labor Day Well there's a movie opening out. Sightly after Labor Day that I am really excited about it's. Called blaze and it's directed by Ethan. Hawke and it's about a musician named blaze Foley who's kind of a cult figure among fans of Americana music and all country Lucinda Williams made a famous. Song about him called, drunken, angel he was one of those are wedding Jerry figures who died way to young and Ethan. Hawke is bringing him to prominence and, got a lot of buzz out of. Sundance. And I, just have I, was so impressed Ethan Hawke did a documentary a few years ago called Seymour an introduction about the pianist's pianist name I can't remember the guy's last name but. Just an absolutely beautifully constructed movie okay so also, as you, said good weekend to catch up with some of the summer. Movies you may have missed out on and. What, would. Those be that are still out there So many I mean you. Know my my kind, of criteria for. A, good movie season. Is, balanced and sort, of something for everyone and I really looking back I really think that that we did. We we just had good stuff for every taste, so I think you could go sort of blockbuster mainstream route and go see mission impossible excellent movie with Tom Cruise I. Think it's like addition number sixty five right I mean the. Man he's got no age it's just. Amazing he's incredible it's widely entertaining very stylish smart and a lot of fun mama Mia the sequel the mama Mia sequel here we go again I wanted. To hate it and, it, just makes you love it within the first five minutes it has an electrifying performance by Billy. James as the young narrow street character, is just a lot you know you. Know. What it recycled some of, the songs it's not perfect it's silly but it's so much fun a young Meryl Streep character in Mamma Mia here we go again that's somebody who Has what just. Like five Oscar. Nominations she's terrific and we. Think of, I think, of lily James as Cinderella mostly I mean that's where she really became a huge star I never knew she could sing I. Never knew she had it in her I, mean she comes at this role with such. Ferocity and joy and son is just it's just completely winning okay and crazy rich, Asians, which we mentioned earlier exactly. And this it was such a return to, that? Classic rom, com that. I think a lot. Of us were. Wondering where. It had gone, with the death of Nora Ephron nasty Myers. Still. In, it still in the, game but in terms of those, values is lush it's fun to watch it's delicious you know it has a lot of a. Lot of excessive wealth in wardrobe and all those kind of signifier is that we associate with the. Ron com, as you mentioned? This happens, to feature an all. Asian cast but. Like Black, Panther earlier this year which. Also featured mostly an, African Africa African, descended, cats these are. Universal, these stories are A universal their pleasures are universal okay. Any. Other movies, leftover from the summer that we should be. Looking at yeah I mean I. Would strongly recommend spike Lee's new movie black. Klansman wildly, entertaining very it's about a detective in the Colorado Springs up police department who went undercover a black. Detective. Who went, undercover and, the carts clan by. Phone. Sending white colleagues Representative in meetings but spike is directed this almost as a kind of jaunty cop paper comedy in some way but also as a very sobering reminder, of how, far, we've come and how far we might. Not have come it's very very it stresses, present day echoes in..

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