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You know, we know how important this is she understood like there's a there's a very close. There's better life connected to him getting higher draft picks made the college education for his kid by doing that. No that he did little hungry pig too. In college actually, cutting touchdown pass. He's a big as some ball skills. Get him. But he did catch a touchdown passes. They western Illinois with little everything. There was a picture of my guy Mitchell this and the other two draft picks and Saunders going around the internet yesterday. It was at the draft vest. Man Saunders is huge. He is big. He is a house. He's thick. He's a house. I like this quote from bread of each this one stuck out to me after the pick of Saunders when it came to the full defensive line can have enough about letting DT's and. That defense the line now on we're looking at are out of two Debrosse, or and you know, yet Frank Clark. And then yet a Saunders and then in Oba off-season Okeafor and Chris Jones, Derek Nadi Bruin speaks in. And we looked at that defense line right after the draft and we were all smiling. Here's the thing for Justin lane goes to the Steelers right before him. And I'm kind of wondering if the chiefs go Justin lane that he's still there. Holly Warri wearing those two picks. Jalen, Ferguson, believe it or not by guy goes right behind you. The draft the color warring is one of the best tight ends in my opinion in the draft. And again, this is the position that chief didn't give but they chose Saunders over wearing. I mean, it's really the only guy that I could see him counter McGovern, maybe in that situation. But the thing that Justin lane Witton furnishing, I'm halfway wondering if the chiefs would have gone Justin lane instead of Saunders. I did wonder because that kind of made sense from a length and ball, skills perspective..

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