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Uranus reflection is what changes now happened between April sixteenth. To over seventeen, this is based on the degrees that Uranus Levy for. Even, back I on. The Jones Tommy ox to reevaluate unexpected changes that happened in the lives of the connective. What would the patterns within those changes? Do they. Repeat themselves as a mission cycles witnessing actions facing interactions. Why are we being directed two kittens issues. How did those changes impact on line June time impacts on society an impacter identity. Our relationship with authority. Questions on relationship with systems that vets give security. These relationships are both external and internal highlighting will also sensibly imitation is and I'll central ego. And also the structures that evolve as things as well. Do Destruction around environment half a sense of limitation. While they driven by since. I was incensed, knee. Always. To health humanity will questions things and it's not necessarily that. Ben Not or they are. They all meeting they. All Ego is a sense of what we what we see us our collection of what we believe. You know like I said, you renaissance was off belief. So we will be looking at how these things have a high density. Again is poss- chokehold in future or allowing the bus to flourish. Where women in our lives. Or as a collective, do we see these things? Operation. Uranus unexpectedly changes belief. With a sense of how awakening. Normally is a very shop. Shaw Reaction Shop Action. Over the story. Ramos. That was a quick some thing. Though is kind of. that. Is One something like that happens to you. Castration of the belief that you always had. What been comes out the new belief that. Is Awakened Mrs Ewing's us. So we get an opportunity to really understanding knowledge what these new beliefs meaning and our future outline of online identity. It is made for us how we others compared to wasn't used do. And how it's going to impact our status with others in his? So again during this time. is to highlight situations or a situation. That involves as what's Haitian. Of things that Navegar back in the same way and willing.

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