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And go with one hand. It's just two hundred eighty calories. It's fourteen grams of. Protein for staying power, and it's a solid source of calcium iron vitamin A. And there you go. But just you know, if you're gonna go to Starbucks, and you want to help him breakfast, don't go order that eventually size flavored holiday lot. And then you're going to spoil everything I think this is where you know this. This is just great for breakfast in general, by the way, you know, you want a healthy dose of protein. Some Billy filling fiber and carbs like this is you want carbs, especially early in the day. Because that's what provides the energy. No matter what you have on tap for the day. If you're a day at the mall or running errands, or whatever it is the carbs in the morning going to fuel you all day long. So if you're worried about carbs or cutting back on carbs, this is not a time to do it. Do it later in the day can cut carbs at dinnertime but breakfast load up. That's why that's why I like oatmeal. Because I know that big bowl what meal in the morning is going to kinda like power me through with the energy, and the carbs that I need and same thing with with the sandwich. I like the spinach Fedor rap. They have white smooch. Holy crap. Because it's a whole grain rap again, like good, good, carbs, solid. Solid quality carbs, good proteins and healthy fats, the fed up, and that's a great start to the day. Now, let's say you're not starting the Dow now, it's it's lunchtime. Or later in the day, and you know, one of the places that I love to go and my boys love for me to take them to Panara. Right. It's it's the obsessed with the grilled cheese. They literally think it's like there. If you ask them what their favorite meal Panara grilled chief? Like, I mean, it's got your home cooking game. It's a good grilled cheese. But obviously the team at this not that are really big fans of mayor because they don't use any artificial ingredients and preserve as they were one of the first QSR's to really come out and promote this heavily. And so it's great look a lot of their salads are great. But one of the favorites eat this not that is the seasonal roasted beat keen watt and citrus Sal had that just love beets. Are another thing. I could eat anytime. Beets are fantastic. And just I think people appreciate what? Nutritional powerhouse beats are. I mean, protein fiber really healthy nitrates that if you're into any kind of exercise, you really want scrape for your blood flow and circulation, but the salad in particular. In addition to the delicious roasted beets it delivers a great mix of whole grains, vegetarian proteins from the nuts, and the and cheese and a whole lot of five. Or from the kale, which is again, another one of those things that helps fill you up and keeps you see?.

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