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Robert wants to know who's the wasn't for him to always wear tuxedo. The WF that was something. Vince, always did early on E wanted all of his announcers and commentators stand out. We're tuxes be classy. Devin wants to know do they ever considered giving Jane of piper's pit style show? No that wasn't jeans. Rowley was Jane was the neutral guy that wouldn't have worked. Jay wants to did Bruce ever have main gene burger can't say ever had the pleasure. Abba mean Jean burger? Ryan wants to know nothing salacious spammed the list, but any funny manging party stories. I gotta tell you feel like main Jane would be the best guy ever to have a party. Well, he is any was the life of the party. And like, I said, you know, I think that the fun times. How funny was gene always was the life of the party, whether he was telling jokes, whether he was at the end of the piano singing in that that was gene Oakland was. Just a lot of fun. Last question here. This one's from Robert Collins, what was gene Oakland like in real life. What you see is what you get in many respects. But he could also be very very reflective one of the nicest guys that I've ever had the pleasure working with one of the most talented individuals ever in the business because I just had confidence in him, and I trusted him as well. And he never let me down in that regard. So. So summit all up. He was good father. And he was just a really really good, man. And there's not a lot of that out there. And I think that gene fits in that category. Without question. The greatest to ever do it the best that ever did it Maine's in Oakland. You'll be missed. We appreciate you guys. Taking time to join us here on the show, celebrating the life and times the great gene for Linden. Hope you'll be back next week. We're back to our regular scheduled programing will hit Royal rumble nineteen ninety nine next week. But in the meantime, let's let's relive some more Mangena memories. And we'll put some videos on YouTube and Facebook and everywhere we can celebrate the great life made. You know, we'll see next week right here. Something wrestle first pitcher..

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