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This movie was a perfect opportunity for like a makeover montage scene and just didn't do it like julius style seems to be like pretty low maintenance and are not really into beauty and fashion. But they could've done the kind of like a princess. Diaries type makeover and they just really does. She actually just dove right into the princess. Slash queen life salvage was like also weird which brings me to my bigger point. Which is that. He just like gives me emotional. Whiplash takes so they meet the fall of her senior year. Then suddenly it's thanksgiving and she's like oh just come with me and my family and they kiss in a barn and then all of a sudden they're like in love like really in love overnight and you're like okay okay. They're in love then the paparazzi come and she's like no never mind and you're like no. Yeah okay got it. And then she has to take shakespeare exam. Then it's like. I'm in love and we're like yeah. Okay got it then. She goes to denmark. And then he's like this is it. We're gonna get married and like okay. They're going to get married then she's gonna ball. She stares at a globe and the globe pelser that she wants to go explore her on life. Then you're like fuck okay. You're right independent at the very end comes through graduation. She says cheese doing camera. No yes you are the one. Let's get married. Like what is that. I was lying mocking. Like my head was spinning. Yeah it's very weirdly based movie really should have been to movies. I think that the college slow-burn is good. You know like you get the sexual tension blah blah but then like the second half like first of all like sending them denmark like you've got to keep it on the college campus. That's like where the magic happens. It just like you just can't have them be engaged in the not in the movie like you just got to end the movie. They're engaged it's happily ever after we don't need the hardships of royal life like we have the crown. I don't need to see julia stiles doing that. This should have been two separate movies in my opinion. what do you think in. Your opinion has age the best and the worst. There's a normally. i think we all lead one. There's a lot of weird tidbits in here. I will say the best mars. I guess like the best in my opinion is and two thousand and four. I mean obviously was around like facebook wasn't invented until two thousand four. Like maybe not that. But don't you think you would have maybe stocked it or like google quick google all internet search like maybe this guy and then after before. She boards a flight to denmark. Maybe shoot him an email being like come. Where can i meet you anything. Hinges on the fact that like there's zero technology to work with even though two thousand four like you options here by also. I also was like oh man like what are the odds of people. Don't know what the prince of denmark looks like. And then i was like i don't know it. Well yeah denmark. Look like although. I think i would if they looked like luke mainly just for the record. My age of the worst is julius hair. She has this incredible two thousand four hairstyle. And i'm not saying she doesn't pull it off. Because i think she's durable and she like really kind of does but it's like a somewhere between like a grown out pixie and like bob has those really chunky. Highlights it's sort of like maroon brown. And then like she has like a lot of the movies she has like pinned down really flatter cancer face and then has these sorta like curls in the back that were like you. Don't brush it out where it's just like ringlets kinda in the back. So it's like straight curly in the back. My really bad for my question for you is. Will this ever come back on thread because as we know..

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