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Racism and being a national security threat while comparing her to nine eleven terrorists. Meanwhile, the racist in chief in the office is apparently free to praise Neo Nazis. Hell obscenities at Africans dehumanize Muslims and smear Mexicans says, rapists and murderers. I may Toubon the Washington correspondent for Israel's Haaretz and the co author of the last Palestinian joins us to discuss his latest article at Haaretz Kosciusko tests defense and Oma as anti semitism storm royals Democratic Party. We will discuss how the Republicans are trying to drive a wedge into the democratic caucus pitting the new crop of progressive s- against the Alder. Pro Israel lawmakers who were quick to circulate a resolution condemning congresswoman Omar for suggesting that pro Israel activists were pushing quote for allegiance to a foreign country. This prompted a backlash from the Congressional Black caucus and other Democrats who comply. Plane of a double standard. When bigoted comments by the president and Republicans go on challenged arguing that Islamaphobia needs to be included for condemnation along with anti-semitism, then we'll speak with Jonathan missile professor of sociology and psychiatry at Vanderbilt University and director of its center for medicine health and society about his new book just out dying of whiteness, how the politics of racial resentment is killing America's heartland. We'll discuss the documented evidence that across the south in the midwest. Supporters of Donald Trump who have swallowed the Republican dogma against a Bama care, Medicaid expansion and gun control in the backlash against governance itself are literally dying as a result of the policies put in place by the politicians they support. Then finally, we'll get an update on the expanding number of investigations into Trump his family and his administration and speak with Lawrence. Douglas, a professor of law jurisprudence and social thought at Amherst college. He. Joins us to discuss the significance of Michael Cowan providing the house intelligence committee. With proof is testimony was altered by White House. Lawyers and speculation by the former head of the CIA that grand jury indictments will be unveiled on Friday by Robert Muller. And joining us now is a mere T-Bone who is the Washington DC correspondent for Haaretz. He is the co author of the last Palestinian book about Palestinian, President Abbas and his latest article Haret's is a casual says defends Ilhan Oma as anti semitism storm royals Democratic Party. Welcome to background briefing T-Bone, thanks for having me. And I'm interested in how the public in Israel. Sees what's going on Capitol Hill way. You've got the Republicans trying to sort of use a wedge issue against the Democrats suggesting that the Democrats aren't sufficiently pro Israel while men. Any Democrats are in fact, beating up on their their own if you will helping the Republicans divide and conquer it's obviously got Nancy Pelosi worried they've got an ambitious agenda, and it does feel like they're being sidetracked. So again, this country of Israel seems to really have get so much attention on Capitol Hill as an Israeli do you find that a little bit disproportionate? So first of all, you ask me how this is being viewed in Israel and the truth is these stories making more headlines in the US and specifically in Washington, then it is in Israel, mainly because in Israel. We have an election going on right now, we've got our own political dramas. There are polls coming every day in the parties are making statements, and we just had the prime minister go through a legal in the beginning of an indictment process last week. So, you know, Murray's not making a lot of headlines with regards to the second question of the proportion of the coverage and the focus on Israel and Capitol Hill. I think on the one hand be true that Israel for a small country so far away from getting a lot of attention on the other hand, you know, there was also a cold released today by Gallup about public attention of the American public towards Israel and the Palestinians, and you see that this is an issue that a lot of Americans has an opinion about Israel. Very popular with the American public. And so I think that also reflects part of the attention that on the one hand it either small countries are far away from working on the other end of many people in the US, whether it's been Jewish community, even duly Christians, the Muslim community and many other Americans do care and feel about this issue, and I can bits. Why keeps coming up in the headlines time after time? But in this case, it seems that pro is Mel sentiments being weaponized by the Republicans, and it's putting the Democrats in a situation where they sort of same way the metoo party. And my understanding is that the Democratic Party has its record. I think of loyalty to Israel is pretty unassailable. Isn't it? So for many years through most of the decades ever since Israel was founded, the Democrats were considered the more pro Israeli party. I think it had to do with the fact that the vast majority of American Jews vote for the Democratic Party, including in the last presidential election, and in the last midterm elections around seventy or more percent of the Jewish population voted for the Democrats, and that certainly had an impact, but this. Of the Democrats as the party that is more supportive of Israel is aerobics and changing over the past two decades. I would say, and and especially at an accelerated pace during the last ten years when we've seen a a right-wing prime minister in Israel Netanyahu have a consistent clash with a democratic president in Washington Obama, and then has some kind of bromance some people describe it that way with the current president with Trump with very unpopular on the democratic side, and that has contributed to a deterioration, and I think today in the Democratic Party, you really have a designed on on attitudes towards Israel. I think most Democrats still the majority of the elected officials of the party in Washington are supportive of Israel. And they want to have a good relationship with Israel, even if they have criticism of Netanyahu's government and his policies, but you also have a wing that news much more critical. And I think you'll. Hanno? Mario prime Representative of that part of the chronic party. The takes a much harsher attitude of criticism towards Israel. And specifically in the last few cases, also made statements about Israel's supporters in the United States that many people in the Jewish community considered antisemitic Orkney, anti anti-semitic tone to it. And that's what is causing this eruption. So the Democrats are I would say divided on this issue. It's not like twenty or thirty years ago when the vast majority of the party was in one position on the Israeli issue. Well, some of the criticism though of Representative are particularly coming from Steve Scalise suggesting that she's insane. She's an American, but he sent it effectively she shouldn't have security clearance question, whether she should have a security clearance, and I think West Virginia representatives also likened to nine eleven terrorists, this it seems fairly heated, you know, they're only three Muslim representatives in the US house. And when you talk about how things have changed attitudes. Have changed of the decades in lessening support for Israel in the Democratic Party. Is it also generational these congresspeople, particularly the ones that are being singled out, and certainly a casual Cortez. She's the youngest by the way. So is there something going on that intense of a generational shift? And if so Israelis surely should be worried about that. So first of all about some of the Republican comments, obviously, if you're asking for my personal opinion. I did not like what she said. And I think that she deserves criticism. But just like she has a right to criticize Israel without using you know, language that I think is exaggerated in and hurtful, I also don't think that her critics stupid compared to terrorist. Okay. I mean, there is we need to have a rational discussion about this and without using any kind of racist or anti-semitic language on either side. So that's just my personal ruined. That's why I'm not really going to comment on some of these stupid comments that were directed at her with regards to the generation of question. I think that is at the heart of the issue, we see in public opinion polling in the United States that Israel still enjoys the support or the sympathy of the majority of Americans and most Americans have a positive impact. As you go down, the age groups in the polling numbers, and you do see a change in how younger people view Israel in. That is true across all I won't say all, but many demographic groups the Jewish community evangelical community. You know, the the word the two communities that are most supportive of Israel over the years, and you see that even over there younger people are list supportive of Israel than generation of twenty and thirty years ago. And that definitely does raise concern in Israel. But the problem is that is really politicians much like American politicians most of them think about tomorrow about getting elected in the next election about the next headline will be about the newspaper and don't pay too much attention to train that will impact the lives of citizens of Israel fifteen twenty thirty years from now like what kind of support will be having the United States. And that's why this real problem with real challenge that Israel has with younger Americans, and especially people on the democratic side not being treated very well right now by these really government. And again, I'm speaking with a man T-Bone who is the Washington DC correspondent for Haaretz. He is the author of the last Palestinian a book about Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas and his light started Qatar. Razi's Cossio Cortez defense. It had Omar as antisemitism storm royals Democratic Party. So April the ninth. I believe is the election in Israel. How much is Netanyahu's? He's I wouldn't call it a drift to the right. It seems like a huge sort of look to the right embracing the party that was inspired by rabbi Kahane. I guess it's the reincarnation of the cock party. Right. Well, that was his party. So basically, what did he signed some kind of political packed with the most I would say the most far-right Parveen Israeli, politics and the true. This is the party was inspired by the racist and terror-supporting irib America, Honey. And at the time, the I would call it an earlier version of this party was banned by things really supreme court and by Knesset and. Netanyahu because he's very concerned about the right wing votes splintering in the upcoming election decided to encourage a different right-wing party. What I would call list extreme to take these very very racist and extremist activists and Putin under its swings. And he received a lot of criticism for eight both in Israel, and in the United States, even from some of the more most pro Israeli organizations in the Jewish community because this is really an unusual step for an Israeli Prime Minister in the past the right-wing party of in Israel, including recording meals on party. They rejected the the hatred and the racism of Kahane, and on the end of this very far, right streaming politics in the personally, I would share my own opinion. I started for the Saturday for our country when the prime minister instead of rejecting the kind of hatred decided to embrace it. And the reason he did it is because he thinks it will help him electorally on April ninth. Well, you mentioned objection across the board, particularly in the United States to this move by Netanyahu. Apec was also critical. They hosting him before the elections went at Netanyahu be out here. I guess what? In a few weeks. Yes with APEC. It was. I would call it a very delicate dance APEC has a policy that they never comment on internal politics. They don't take positions on that day support Israel government. No matter what I personally have my own opinion about this..

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