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The jingle dot org slash and kyle the rainman. Rainey's is happy birthday to smoking. Hot girlfriend brooke from the rose turned. Twenty eight on november fourth or howard's or happy birthday dame sexy november fifth birthday. Brian riley celebrates celebrating yesterday. Angela camera her brother joe. Happy birthday to the independence day. Night fifty six today. Bobby loath turns thirty three today. Sir craig of northeast. Georgia celebrates on the ninth november call from london. Happy birthday was fathered jeff from pennsylvania. Turning seventy and jessica. Burks has happy birthday to smoking. Hot husband nathan burke. Thirty one on december fifteenth Well we're well on time. Happy birthday the best podcast in the universe. Only one only one. We have one night and we're happy. We have one if you are set. We'll do our one year mr steady. Okay i'm just gonna leave jerry. Come on up on stage. Thanks to your support of the no agenda show in the amount of one thousand dollars or more. I am very proud to bring you up here on the podium with the nights in the names of the roundtable pronounce kate the as sir blueberry black night of the moth man for you. We've got her person. Blow writ boys and chardonnay. Maybe you want to go a little bit more exquisite well in that case what are we have. I can't find it all we have. I can't find my list. Mariners rabbit meat goat milk sparkling.

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