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Hello i'm eileen mccue with the bbc news a us source has confirmed to the bbc that syrian kurdish fighters have captured two british members of the islamic state group alexander cocchi endall sheffield shake were part of a group which included muhammad and was he the man nicknamed jihadi john is our security correspondent gordon carrera the tumen from west london were part of a group of four involved in the killing of hostages including british aid workers david haines and alan henning they will mosques the british accents of their captors led to some of the hostages calling them the beatles mahamadou mausi dubbed jihadi john was killed in a us air strike in late 2015 another ain't davis is imprisoned in turkey coach yondo shake it's now merged were captured by kurdish forces in january because of suspicions us special operations forces were given access to the path and according to us reports by metrics we used to confirm their identity the republican speaker of the us house of representatives paul ryan said he's confident he has enough support for the compromise budget deal that's being voted on today the bipartisan deal will be debated in the senate first mr ryan insisted another government shutdown would be averted jane o'brien is in washington the house speaker paul ryan has been framing the necessity of this bell very much in terms of national security he's really driving home the point to some of his more reluctant members that they need to think they thought they're going to be seen as fighting against national security and he said the militry needs its funding this is the reason you politicize military spending and of course this is what a lot of this bill is all about eliminating caps on military spending minute tree funding an increasing money to the military mr ryan said one civilian was approved an immigration bill would be brought before the house share prices have tumbled again in the united states as thursday's trading session ended with big swings continuing a pattern of volatile trading over the last few days at the closing bell in the new york stock exchange the dow jones industrial average was done more than a thousand points or just over four percent the broadbased sp 500 index sank three point eight percent while the technology rich nasdaq composite index plunged three point nine percent but the.

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