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There's no there's no objective truth and we're all particle and a wave doesn't matter sort of strategy that might work ultimately have you noticed it's been working for the pets it's so i mean it's it's so beguiling so distracting i don't think that it is a considered strategy on the part of rudy giuliani i think he's just a confused creep who doesn't know what he's supposed to say and has has not read the material yet he's so addicted to being on television that will go on there without even knowing what he's talking about but i do think that there is an intuitive strategy that he and donald trump share which is to just paint the zone with conflicting facts and let other people try to worry them out while they move onto the next thing you're far too generous well go on while you seem to suggest that there's a strategy behind everything oh no no i mean none at all other than star fuckers giuliani of course we all loved his bit part in season one of celebrity apprentice white house edition he had a great great scene in the sweeps special that was the convention and now who knew he picked up a season three regular so i know juliane really excited that seeds seed early on not accept this plot to come back around i want gingrich to join the teams that could be the nine wives club but they giuliani signs on he gets to be on tv and giuliani's guy who's hasn't been a lawyer for years he sells access to foreign creeps to talk to mayor giuliani that's what he does for a living and now he thinks he's gets to close out his career by being this elder statesman to help this group president and it's going to be a fame train for them the problem is giuliani like trump has no filter has no impulse control needs to be loved needs to be on camera all the time and there's a twenty four hundred propaganda bubble where they can go anytime on this one channel and and be praised and have their egos stroked.

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