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Hopkins, the team center together, and as a unified front, we must identify address and ultimately in those practices and policies that would deny liberty and justice for all, regardless of race, religion or creed. It is time for us all to take a stand. Then Joe Burro took the microphone. It is each of our responsibility to effect change in our communities, not only for us or for those yet to come, the rookie quarterback said. We must be catalysts for change of the nation can never reach the goals that has promised to citizens. A video was posted on the Bengals website. I'm Matt Reese News radio 700 WLW. It's over 1200 cover 19 cases were announced by the Ohio Department of Health Today. There were 67 hospitalization. Six new I seeyou admissions and 21 New deaths. Those three indicators were below their current three week trends. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Camera continues his legal battle against governor Andy Bashir. He has filed a brief on the state Supreme Court challenging the constitutionality of the governor's covered 19 executive orders, Cameron's office says the brief follows the July 20th rolling by a Boone County Circuit Court judge finding many of shears executive orders unconstitutional. A brief argues that cashier's orders just regard the constitutionality mandated separation of powers, which prohibits a governor from exercising legislative power, saying those orders violate sections one in two of the Kentucky Constitution, which afore Kentucky has the right to earn a living and protects them from the accumulation and exercise of absolute and arbitrary governmental power. A sheer filing his own briefing Friday, arguing the state law allows him to use his executive authority to protect the public's while being aural arguments in the case or scheduled for September. 17. Governor's office reported. 825 Nuke Over 19 cases in Kentucky today along with three new deaths, FC Cincinnati plays Columbus Crew s Sito a scoreless draw tonight and at an empty Nippert Stadium, improving 224 and two on the season. The rivals meet again in Columbus on September 6th. Our next update is at midnight. I'm Sean Gallagher news radio 700. Wlw..

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