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I listened to all five episodes of this podcast. It's a spectacular project <hes> ramona. I know that you've put in well. You covered uh-huh and you've really been working on this one way or another five years the amount of work you put it on this the amount of people that you got to go on to this one thing talk to people on the record so you need to get them to speak into a microphone about it. It's a spectacular piece. It's actually a piece of history the way i see it. What made you want to do this. Project five years on to revisit the so i remember reporting on this at the time and you sort of felt like you got dropped into a very strange movie like you couldn't make up the twists and turns and characters involved here if you try if you found a hollywood screenwriter they laugh at you. <hes> shelly sterling got her husband declared mentally incapacitated and sold the team out from under him after sixty years of marriage what kind of that really stages to the the racist comments that became public then the league banning him then the you know the the the the the team itself having to try to decide what to do about it and then they actually taking of the team away from him and this podcast covers all of those steps one clip that wanted to play from this podcast is where where doc rivers and blake discuss how close they of blake griffin how close they were boycotting a clippers playoff game against the warriors on april twenty-seventh two thousand fourteen. Let's take a listen. Listen to the clippers were right in the middle of the playoffs when t._m._z. released that donald sterling tape late on friday night april twenty fifth two thousand fourteen eighteen. You don't have to ask yourself with with black people so you don't have everyone had heard it. This was sterling's mess. Not the players and yet here was landing on their shoulders consuming assuming them even as they prepared the biggest game of their lives. Just remember at a team. We had to talk about it almost every time we met oh you know what i mean because there was that big of a thing clippers coach doc rivers try desperately not let it overshadow their drive to the n._b._a. Championship although this to win in the n._b._a. Title and we're not going to let anything stand in the way of that so so this is one of the aspects that i didn't remember until in this podcast was how important and intense discussion by boycotting and again. This is not a game in january. This was a playoff mark in this podcast. You spoke very poignantly about your feelings <hes> because you were covering that series series <hes>. Can you take us back to the way you were feeling <hes> at that time i remember <hes> deandre jordan matt barnes hearing that they didn't wanna play and doc basically telling the players. This is the game decision now his decision the players decision the warriors were ready to jump in on any boycott were in oakland california where the home of the black panthers wearing a home where everybody they're pretty much would have been on clipper side. This is a crowd that was in their favor of the world's watching this. This could have been a giancarlos. Tommy smith kind of statement so it was something that i think it was decided right before they got on the court and i remember sitting in my a seat kidding me. They're gonna play. They're going to play and i was devastated. I actually teared teared up <hes> in my presi i was done <hes> i thought the thrown out to jersey's thing and all that was pretty weak and i've talked to doc and chris paul and blake and d._j. Since big baby and they they don't have any regrets and it's their decision and i respect it but that was their time to make a historical history book statement that they let adam sober make form ramona there you could tell in the interviews and because this is audio you can actually hear hear the voices in you..

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