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The cops told him that if they wanted a black man who could drive they wanted wendall scott so rogers got in touch with scott and there's a little discrepancy in the dates but it seems as though his first race was on may twenty third nineteen fifty two he borrowed one of his old whiskey cars from a relative that he'd sold it to after it had become too recognizable to law enforcement there are a lot of accounts that say that scott came in third in his first race the danville fairgrounds winning fifty dollars but according to his recounting of it in the book harddriving the wendall scott story by brian donovan he started out really well but pushed his car so hard at the beginning that it didn't have the stamina to make it all the way through the whole race he pulled out a couple of laps before the race was over in spite of this and in spite of some of the spectators booing in throwing things at him he loved that first race he repaired the car that night and the next day towed it to winston salem north carolina bringing some friends with him with the hope of racing it at bowman gray stadium bowman gray is a nascar sanctioned track and it was the first sanction track to do weekly races holding them every saturday night in the summer it's likely that the first people he talked to it bowman gray that night didn't realize that wendall scott was black he had a medium brown complexion that had kind of a ruddy tone and his eyes were blue especially with a hat on people often thought that he was white so it first everything seemed to be progressing normally he was allowed to register for the race car was inspected and he was told that he would need to install a safety belt he went over to the tracks shop to buy one and the next thing he knew he was being told he couldn't race after all but no reason was given us to why when scott had been talking to officials at the track he'd been by himself but when he went over to the shop to get the safety built he took some of his friends with him and his.

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