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Why should the why should round have all the political fun about massachusetts they've got a same sex scandal samesex scanned the brewing at the state house up there this involves these state senate president rosenberg yep rosenbergs got her husband of bryan young brien who goes around these are the allegations goes around ask people for sex in exchange i'll i'll get un with my husband stand the senate presidency and you'll will advance your career that's the allegations that a blowing up around rosenberg and the boston herald with the headline sharks a circling stan politicians lineup to be replace him smelling blood in the water polls jockey for the senate president's role is stanley rosenberg on his way out with us husband brian rosenberg said it's been very tough this has been the most difficult all the time in my political life by heart goes out to anyone who may have been hurt and i am committed to helping anyone who's been hard says brian is my husband and i love him by the way this is the may december marriage dan i think stand the got mixed up with the wrong guy just looking at the two of them one guy looks like me we her husband brian i think stay i got mixed up with the wrong guides it by way of bryant is doing this i had no knowledge if brian claimed to have influence over my decisions or over the senate he should not have said it is simply not true most not just saying it right the allegations go he runs up the people you know kinda grabbed the by the crotch and says wanted you come a may have a little fun my husband stands okay with it and if you have a little fun with me i'll make sure your you know your bills get past it's good cannot give you with me you with me brian governor baker says i absolutely the senate must have an independent investigator independent was glad to see the leadership for the sending of both republican and democrat side last night all foreign investigation of roh's of rosenberg says i will cooperate i spent most of those hours processing those allegations and i will continue to do so even as brian prepares and to treat there you go that's a new semester chose that same sex scandal brewing at the state house.

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