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From Bloomberg Television. Here's Reshad Salama. Alright, let's get a sense of now what the elections and the eventual winner will mean for relations between Washington and Beijing on Ash in the senior director of government affairs. Eyes of the U. S. China Business Council. What is your gut reaction here? AST what This could mean for the relationship between the two countries now and Does a Biden presidency changed the game compared to more for four more years of Donald Trump? Truth be told, no matter how the election shakes out I think that we should all brace for a rocky year ahead. This is there is a remarkable amount of agreement between Democrats and Republicans. About the need for the US to take a stronger, more aggressive, more competitive approach to its relationship with China on DH. I even think that regardless of who controls Congress and the Senate We're likely to see a lot of consensus between the parties. There will be nuance, nuanced differences between how abiding administration might approach China issues versus the Trump administration in terms of Thie overall. Labor of U. S policy. I think it will be a lot like it is right now here. Maurin views like this one on Bloomberg Television streaming live on Bloomberg dot com and on the Bloomberg mobile APP or check your local cable listings. Every boat must be counted. No one's going to take our democracy away from us. Not now. Not ever. America's come too far. America's fought too many battles. America's endured too much. From a vice president Joe Biden. Their wagon on the vote as the counting continues for audience worldwide. Good morning, Tio alongside Jonathan Farrow, one Erin 12 minutes away from the open about Let's get into the price action just very, very briefly in the equity market, a tidy rally over the last few days a huge rally on the NASDAQ the S and P. 564. We had another 1.85%. The S and p that sell off in the U. S dollar Just as this session grows older, That standoff gets bigger and bigger. Your O'Donnell 1 18 46. We are positive there 1% point that is a stronger Your eye. Will. The president joined a very lonely post War club with Ford Carter Bush Sr. Tom Kane, incumbent presidents that did not get that next term. Come Election day, The county continues the political pundits. Of course I They have had a huge, huge dose of humility. You gotta think about what they've had to swallow. After staring at poles over the last two months, Tom that said this would be a wipeout. At one point they don't want to call this. No one wants to call this because the vote is still being counted this market. Is making its move in a big white yacht. The market is voting right now. There's no question about that. I would point out yen absolutely stunning over to standard deviation move strong and well under 10 for 103 71. It is rare that you see that we've seen too much of a Mark Evans to really joins us now our chief Washington correspondent Kevin is Georgia. We could talk about Georgia. I'll give you an open call here. What state are you focused on now? In the short term. Let's just go through the TIC TAC in at 10, 30 Eastern Time New York time We're going to hear an update from George's secretary of state with the latest round of additional votes that come in, so that's unjust, more than two hours when we should get additional votes count or at least an update on the timeline of the Georgia on the battleground state, then At about noon Eastern we're going to hear from Clark County, Nevada. Of course, that's where Las Vegas is the overwhelming majority of votes in the battleground state of Nevada. That's going Teo really still potentially push Joe Biden to the magic number of 2 70 in the electoral College count. But then this evening, 9 P.m. Eastern, and this is where it gets interesting eyes when You're going tohave, Arizona provide a final update with regards to Maricopa County. Now the Trump campaign has been saying that they feel that Arizona could potentially still go their way. But well, no, we'll have a lot more clarity. I should say bye bye, 10 O'clock New York time tonight. Once all of this data comes in Kevin, one of the reasons why you're so great as you walk the halls of Capitol Hill, people say, Kev, what's going on and you say to them? What do you really think of this election? The result for the Republican strategist that you speak with? Say. Hey, calves are they saying all right, You know what Trump has lost. Biden has one or they still saying, You know what President Trump is right? And some of these thes grow. These states could be battle grounds, including Arizona. I don't want to be careful here because there are definitely still a large number of Republicans that I speak with. You are very much forcefully fighting with the president, whether it's Eric Trump and re Giuliani yesterday in Philadelphia, But that said, I did yesterday speak with one source who works in the halls of Congress. As you just alluded Tio, who told me that there is a palpable frustration with how the president communicated. On election night with regards to Andi and the hours that followed in claiming certain victories that quite frankly, the results have not been finalized. They have not come in yet on. There's a frustration on that. Meanwhile, with that frustration, there's also an excitement about the potential of midterm elections in 2022, also about the strong knight that Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell had in terms of defending seats with Senator Joni Ernst Senator Susan Collins on DH Senator Lindsey Graham, three that immediately come to mind in which there have been questions about whether or not they would. I thought Kevin McCarthy, who is the leader, of course, that the Republicans in the House of Representatives, noting about the seven or so seats as of now that Republicans picked up in what will still be a Democratic majority in the House. But expanding their gains and diversifying in terms of the Republican caucus with the addition of several women, Acela's minorities in the House of Representatives, there's this sense of there has to be patience and waiting in terms of what happens with the presidency, but there's also this sense of it was not the blue wave that could have been For Democrats, and there's still a narrow path to that happening. But there wasn't this massive BlueWave tsunami of sorts in Congress. It'll be much to talk about in the coming days. Right now We've got to continue counting votes come. It's really so much. Our chief Washington correspondent. This is a joy Rick Michigan joins us. Now Frederick, Michigan of Columbia University, a former Federal Reserve governor, and weaken wax philosophical about the Fed about her central bank. Forget about that. Let's wax philosophical about his wonderful textbooks on policy..

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