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Just coffee podcast. I'm your host gesture and this is my audio coffee table. Grab your malic at Java or your cafe let's Converse Express. Some ideas are not Live could be better or life can be sweet straight up reading ladies created so many fibers solicit on it. Hello everyone how is Jose going? Today we are opening my car here. What the hell might car freaking out trying to figure out what? Why is it waking up so early? It's actually kind of late to. It's actually eight o'clock right now. I need to leave. Have you leave four? Today is a little short up jess. I mean short jess at short episode. So have a little confession to me a little drive three right here getting some coffee getting some coffee at the pit shop. Not Pit stop. I shouldn't I shouldn't indulge in coffee right now but when I wake up late like this I tend to just come here. It's across the street. I'M GONNA get myself a little mocha makers coffee because it's it's late and I didn't have time to frigging grandma morning. You know. Get Free State. Oh yeah can I get loca the sixteen ounce? Yeah so this episode is going to be just just might try to work on the road road work so yeah I got. I got a car during this time and my new I felt a little guilty when I bought it. Oh you bought it with your stimulus. Sure Mike Lucky I buy my stimulus. Check is a fucking investment. Sorry meeting like a coffee. Bean with my coffee right now. I was a little afraid to post photo. Satan during the pandemic all felt a lot of doing that. But you know. I took transit for the past four years of Portland. He'll get me wrong. Transit is I feel like I did my share of my transportation. I lived in frigate Hillsborough School. Portland issue. She took me like an hour and a half almost two hours for almost four hours of my day. It was a part time worker at a fulltime student at the time even wrong. I did live in Portland for a little while. Like maybe o year worth. I lived on campus but then it got too expensive school loan so like fuck it. I was going GONNA like Bryant. Sorted but Mucho said about my car like yes. I am very fortunate that I have vehicle but I believe it was fucking time. It was time for me to get a car I had the money for. I have good job where I'm able to afford it and I'm like hey you know what this is a little boost from the government and I'm going to be like Bam here. You go down payment five hundred dollars. You don't get more than five hundred dollars when you're buying a vehicle. I feel good. I feel more liberated that I really do. 'cause the Chicago out in my life but this is what it is. This is a car. Life is a little batmobile fat girl. That sounds like a stripper's me. Look at me crazy over here okay. This is kind of random. Strip club here Pass by like every single fucking day the fucking Lucky Devil These motherfuckers opened six to ten. No not promoting them but they have a drive through show going on here and I didn't know that so the other day I was driving by it was like in the evening time and I'm like are they really having like a club like outside you know just like Holy Shit until took us out like I listen to. Trevor Noah podcasting in love with that Guy Anyway he was like yeah. Portland has a drive through drive thru club. People are finally going to actually get to go orders like what the fuck. That's what they're doing. They're like people are wow like you know. If if that's what you WANNA do man go. You did pass by the other day in the girls are all like fucking Bass. I walked up Devon. Go you not me not stopping by. Oh Yeah I'm going to get better. I recording these episodes guys. I did it with through zoom consume. And honestly it's stressful at a in your own shit man But you know what I? It's fun the day goes by Fast Internet. Eddie it. It's okay but I'm doing it for the fun of it. I'm not doing it to get money out of it. I'm doing it to talk to you. Guys make people To try you guys interesting people. I do know there's there's a lot of people WANNA interview. I get a little bit of anxiety like out here. You owner you do this like pod course thing. I did through Bambi media. They rolled out this excel. She worked the organized very organized person by you. I don't know like I haven't been using it. You know and I need to use it worse like Texas People. He wanted to interview. Oh you want to do it for Shilton giggle. That's pretty much of. Its four to get your mind. Oh Shit I gotta get of the Freedom Farley. Oopsy you miss talking to you guys like all crazy that's why. I got a little turbo vehicle. Guys Whoa WHOA. Sometimes I don't really fast ongoing twenty miles per hour. That's all I can fucking sixty Michael Shit McCarthy's of local car here little Honda Civic. Two Thousand Eighteen. You guys are opposed to to foreign vehicles. Honda's last fucking forever forever. I used to have a little Honda civic to read one. Jeff fucking wrecked it. Yes as people might know. I got to fucking car accidents before I moved to Portland. Almost drove away from Tucson to Portland. Would've taken twenty four fucking hours all be like a half stopped somewhere stopped in Vegas go won the world. Is everyone going back to work today? Like what is up with traffic. It's not really traffic. I'm going to cut people off right here. Don't judge guys people do this all time. I'm just going to be like Oh oops I thought oh I could go right here Nicole right here. Sorry I drive safe guys. Just explain got into car. Accidents for you Isley. Osha was a different route to get to work. This is the fastest route to get there. I'm like five minutes way. Am I see recording? I don't even know like according earlier I was talking to myself. My coffee is perfect. All hope you guys coffees perfect. This morning I need you guys to let me know What you guys think about my recordings what ideas I should do. I got a few people coming up One of my really good friends of mine shelby. Her Dad's pilots recording Newton so recordings with him recording making album. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA GET WITH PAM. I'M GONNA get with a few friends back into song. Hopefully get some people that I work with right now. The maintenance Mike at my work who's pretty bad ass teared be having him in the show. Dr Drive drive drive drive drive. Oh my gosh so you gotta go. No I'm a little afraid of these concrete barriers. There was just one time when I was driving on my way to work as we almost two years ago. Wow Yeah it was almost two years ago and I was Jerry ex-boyfriends truck to work and it was outside playing from Arizona. What is the roads? Get fucking icy anyways. So I was driving six thirty in the fucking morning and Six hundred morning like getting onto the highway I started sliding like I started like him in the Middle Lane. So like I get a Middle Lane but as soon as I slide into my car. My car won't dude Struck literally faced the concrete barrier like literally like face to face that first puck and thought I was like Holy Shit. He's GonNa fucking kill me. My I have pretty good instincts or I should say reflexes. Anyways I was like oh shoes literally grabbed the steering wheel and I fucking stared at all the way to the right. Like I like fucking went all the way so when I did that. My car just went the opposite way. Like the tail of the truck was faced with the company very holy fuck early really did like a one eighty coli dude so I can. I steered the certain all to my left and I was flying. Elaine and I was like Holy Shit. I can't fucking move. What the Hell is going on and early called off the truck up scared? I don't know what's going on a global Blah about. I think your tires are slashed. Like it's not like they're tired of the damn truck. I was fucking scared so like my you and also the phone call with him. There's other car that I was getting into the highway. Almost did and it was like literally twenty feet from hitting me and I was like gotTa stop on the side because I went to the side of the road and check this out like all about the Blue Line. You know but this guy this came like checked on also whatever he came to the passenger side. I learned on the window just like nice track serious right now. You're going to see high like dude. I didn't say nothing. I was like seriously bad and I was like yeah. I'm for and then my wife and I end up coming in fucking Uber like over to work because each truck and he took off with their like just fucking fighting perfect in the Co Shit. Really seriously all right guys at his milestone for this morning check. Jeff thank you all for listening and sipping on your coffee with me today and remember. Life is like coffee Laviola today peace out..

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