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In a long long time well thank you so i would like to know more about you're inspiration for the show ephemeral originally cimarron out bring that back into that i i called the wrong thing for like a month yes 'em like where what what interests you about that well you know we we had been kicking around lots of ideas for different things and a tryst and i had specifically just would kind of go out after work in like get a couple of beers and just like throws many ideas and we have you know most of them were probably really bad sometimes working above like that is good and sometimes yeah that's good but a what am i supposed to do something with some we tape specifically a you know i always love sort of free form radio kind of stuff in a things they do really strange mashups have tapes yeah that's not enough first show idea i rarely but the aesthetically i love that kind of stuff and that particular taped it starts off the pilot it starts off the show was the genesis of the whole thing yeah i mean in your own words describe but you're show is a because some people the word ephemeral might even escape commits to its meet berry meaning you look at femoral in a dictionary it says on a something outlasting for very long time yeah something fleeting so the show is it in a nutshell 'em it's a history podcast it talks about it he is it's interesting you that's a great compliment of forgotten moments in history or or moments there were well documented an end in you know illuminating those corners sort of a and telling those stories we try to whenever possible a used be actual media or documentation did exist so if if there's like one recording of something we've tried play it you know yeah there's a you know whatever a one film made about something on one book written about something we try that we tried always capture you know actual yeah us source material from it and sometimes there's nothing we just created from scenario 'cause you could do that right but it's like you call it a history free podcasts and it is but when you say little known history like i don't want people to get the idea that it's you know here's this this little own story from world war two that you might not have learned in school because it's not that i there were maybe there's a few of those but from a pilot so there's a i think it's a hundred and twenty second two so of i reel to reel tape starts it off as a tape collector named bob pose real the real yeah yeah this tape tractor named bob purse 'em who is in the chicago area and since the eighties he's been going around to flea markets yard sales any place you could just fine used audio stuff and specifically focuses on some real taste but there's all kinds of other things to an he goes around.

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