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Aide walks into Cleveland's office puts the Buffalo Telegraph newspaper on his desk. What's this you should read it Sir? But I don't think you'll like it. Cleveland Glances at the headline a terrible tale. A dark chapter in public man's history. The pitiful story of Maria HALPIN governor Cleveland Son. Cleveland GOES Pale. What is this? I'm not sure sir. But it's given our friends cause for concern. Cleveland reads the story while his assistant stands nervously by the Governor Groans and shakes his head as he reads the exaggerated version of his relationship with Maria. Helping the article asserts. That Cleveland promised to marry happen. It also claims Cleveland abandoned. The child had health and committed to an insane asylum to further smear his character. The article reports that mayor of Buffalo Cleveland ran a Harem out of his house. Cleveland throws the paper down on his desk. His eight looks sheepish. How should we proceed? Sir? I'm not sure. Let me think on it. This story is just in the Telegraph. So who would believe anything printed in Iraq We've had phone call sir. Yes and the story is also printed in the Boston Journal. And several other newspapers have committed to printing it tomorrow. Cleveland size despair sorted tale printed in a tabloid. That's never supported him as one thing scandal appearing in a reputable source like the Boston Journal is another well Sir we could retaliate. There's a rumor that Blaine only married. His wife point of his father-in-law shotgun the assistant hands. Cleveland a write up the Blaine Story. Cleveland glances at it tears. It up throws the scraps in the fireplace. No we will not prince such a story. The other side can have the monopoly of all the dirt in this campaign.

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