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And again it was a cell a soul onesided in that first out to order and twelve yards four georgian 88 for alabama georgia had converted on six of eleven third downs and all six at thirddown conversions were five yards or more in alabama during the course of the regular season had only given up thirty a third down conversions of five yards or more and does 16 to 4 with the first downs too twelve to eighty 88 would total yards who was so onesided bought again we were all thinking away to second thirteen to nothing has nothing for an alabama team and here they come back in overtime to win it after a georgia kick seven with their opening possession of overtime they kicked a 3pointer and alabama windsor with a forty one yard touchdown pass after on second down of forty one yard touch baz after the hawaiian lefthanded quarterback who was just spectacular once he came in for hurts he completed five of his six no bryant five of his first six passes through attach nam baz and of course a lead of nobert timer with a forty one yard strike into the end zone leave being his receiver perfectly and in stride of four the wording touchdown in overtime so i think anybody that looked in on this game is going to say was one of the best they've seen it was a terrific comeback that's for sure and now obama to no shock to no surprise even though they were down by thirteen thirty two nothing and twenty two seven comes back and winds scheme now what we're gonna do is basically died take a break in.

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