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Else right now okay a news radio dot com Caitlyn Marty here with your articles of impeachment on the table in the house details coming up first traffic and weather together we do every ten minutes on the our Dr settling down a bullet into the usual slowdowns usual spot without roadworks phone down on north bound I. twenty five getting on the west bouncy for seventy two that interchange also slow slow and stop on a twenty five of the bridges make their way down past university but looking better come out of the Texas just will sag to snag their north bound at two two five to twenty five a great ship across the role right now a little slow on that ramp get onto a westbound I. seventy or some problems with powerful there too so watch out for that was found to seventy slow across commerce city as usual Anil crowd of their cross the elevated portion of I. seventy westbound into seventy bright Boulevard Anil heavy on outbound Pena make anywhere between fifty six then green valley ranch Boulevard this report sponsored by express pros dot com express employment professionals thank you workers in a big way this August expresses wanting one thousand dollar cash prizes weekly and a chance to win a ten thousand dollar vacation register on the express jobs after express pros dot com expressed nose jobs get to know express I'm with more going on Kayley newsradio Colorado's news traffic weather station happy Wednesday to view we started very hot stretch of weather today with a high in Denver somewhere around ninety eight mostly sunny there will be a few stray thunderstorms in the afternoon most of those east of the city tonight out of the mid to upper sixties tomorrow around one hundred the record is ninety nine back to one hundred again on Friday hardly any thunderstorms around Saturday.

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