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Yeah there is there is a whiff of the colonoscopy about the giant you're right yeah that's what it is it's a surgical comic colonoscopy vaisnis brain like i said if if it was possible to do koloss be a summit brain and said the camera thinly brain through the year you at three the they've that's what this would be an i wonder and i mean it's interesting because the trump as you mentioned the the serb leader of the free world the most powerful men on the planet does that mean that your approach and your teams approach this is different because the audience presumably is definitively global there'll be as many people interested in poking for overthrew wouldn't be him poking fun at trump state sought as there are new kyw for instance is that stretched you different i mean eve prestige of things before gutsy newsrooms here in the uk in your career is the approach is that rightly approach different or actually do you have to just stick to gums on this such instinctively wrote the things that interested me and my me laugh and i thought played things electile were interesting points that needed the needed making i tend not mrs could assembly arrogant by tend not to think about the audience too much now all rephrase the i tend not to worry about the audience too much of always worked on the premise that i have to presume that the audience are roughly light me there has to be an element of now that's probably com pleat selfdelusion that presuppose the i'm at some sort of maine of normality which i'm sure is far from the case if they're on his mice writers.

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