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Taryn any anything else you wanna add? We'll don't forget about Instagram. I know you just follow the Inzerillo my God, my life is changed so much. Now that folic Trevor bars on Graham. So many great photos. My boyfriend. Yes, it's, it's, it's great. Thanks again. These guys really enjoyed. Okay. Take care. All right. There you have it. Trevor Boris. He go. It was fun. I thought that maybe you were gonna tell him about the triple eviction at maybe don't do anymore, triple Vic, shins. Well, actually, when we were in Toronto, I did have that conversation with them. So I felt like like I've already told him how much I hate these things. I don't really fictions ago, so exactly. Yeah, it's not gonna do much. Yes. Well, maybe they'll say next year they'll surprise you with a quadruple vixen. Oh, my. He said he, they needed a new ideas. No, they. All right. Attaran. Thank you for taking your eyes off the live feeds for a few minutes to join us here today. Of course. Thank you for. Catch Taryn again every morning on the lives that we back again on Sunday night with the recap of this week's nomination. So beyond the lookout for that. Thanks again. Everybody take care..

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