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Five. 8 17 Todd Jeffries and don Prior. Ladies and gentlemen, you can jump in at 51283605 90. A matte is in south Austin this morning, Matt, what is on your mind? Um, Yeah, I was just talking about the Article. You guys were just talking about about the light guilt classes that yes, there's get together. Yeah, There's a new report out this morning. It's actually part of a podcast. The Washington Post has been running for the past several weeks. Where they have a group of reporters, journalist activist if you will, and basically they're encouraging white people to form white accountability groups in the office at school and start pushing back on the other white people that don't understand how racist they really are. Yeah. Well, there's a couple of things undoubtedly that this is a new religion with people, you know, I mean, and it's a very unhealthy religion because they have an anti Christ and their anti crisis. Donald Trump, Um Yeah, And they don't really have a profit yet necessarily like a Jesus or Mohammed or of Buddha to look up to write, But they only have an anti Christ. You're right question. I question how healthy this religion can possibly be a And then be this is just going to create incredible amounts of resentment, racism and these people doing this? Yeah, all of a sudden, If they form one of these groups, they become unemployable. They become a liability in the office. In my opinion, that's just my thoughts. Well, as far as how we look at the office. Yeah, Charlie is in Maine or this morning, Charlie. What's on your mind? I think I'm in minor. I'm not really sure. I let my depth driver took over this morning. He wanted to get somewhere quick, and I'm not really sure. But I wanted to start a new segment for you guys called apologizing for whiteness. Yes, I got two things going on. But I just I thought about it. I got angry at first. Then I realized note. Get to it. Charlie, get to it every morning when I make my pep of coffee. Put in my cream because obviously I'm prejudice. I can't stand her black cup of coffee out of agreement. It must be a misogynist because I'm going to add sugar because I don't want it to be bitter against women. Wow. See you in hell after that. I got to photograph the whole white socks and sandals on the beach thing. Yeah, well, that's in And that's just for protection. You know what you don't want to sons? You know, you don't want to sunburn, your ankles. You don't wanna do that. I can appreciate that. Thank you, Charlie. Appreciate that. Wow. All right, 51283605 90 lumber prices are coming down. Cost skyrocketed during the pandemic, in part to a surgeon renovations, D I y projects and, well, basically a lack of truckers out there to deliver lumber. Now the chair of the Federal Reserve says both the futures prices in the current price of lumber declined substantially in the month of June, and industry experts believe that consumers will now see those prices coming down to Right now, the folks that would know that are people that are currently buying a new home. I guess. Right, Uh and and if you ask the builder about the prices say I'm not gonna They're going to be open about all their prices. I wondered. Yeah. If you're building a new home doing, you know, maybe a remodel or addition or something, but, uh, yeah, I wonder as far as those who have signed on the dotted line about You know, Here's what your home is going to cost. I wonder how how forthcoming are, uh, builder is going to be you know, as far as well, Listen, it's really not going to cost you that much now. Right. You know, we're we can come down on about 10 grand now because of that. They're not good at it. They don't like coming down water. I'm just wondering. I mean, you don't think they'll say that? I think I think maybe some folks that are having homes built her projects need to need to ask some questions. As far as pricing may be paid a little closer. Attention. Nothing wrong with asking. Yeah. Right, asking your builder a lot of builders have been putting, you know clauses in contracts that say the price at the closing date, maybe more because of the price of lumber. So that's in there. Uh, and and and if they end up getting the lumber cheaper, they may not be so quick to say. Hey, we got this little cheaper, so we're going to knock a few grand off? Yeah, exactly. But this should help ease the concerns for home builders out there. It really should. And I'm wondering if we are we going to? How soon will we see? You know, an increase in in that Projects happen. I mean, it seems like right now tapping like crazy. I need to learn a little bit more about Gap insurance because I think that's been a big issue when it comes to the value of your home what it would cost to replace it if there was a fire or something like that, there's there's a new gap in there right about what you paid for. It's what it's insured for, and then what it would sell today. For its there's a big gap in there. There's a lot of gaps and and if you don't have that kind of gap insurance, it's something you should, uh, looking to ask your insurance guy. It's on my list. It is 8 22 Have you used uber or lift lately? I have not have not. I have not. A lot of people have noticed a year. Prices have jumped big time in a Twitter poll, CBS Austin They found that 95 people 88% have noticed an increase. Now in a statement to CBS Austin Here's what lifts says early this spring as vaccines rolled out, people started moving again. We began to see the demand of.

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