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Philip Emeagwali


When i discovered that parallel processing up to a billion times faster i discovered the world's fastest computing on the fourth of july nineteen. Tonight i discovered supercomputing as its executor today. Or how to compute faster speeds and to suit across my ensemble of sixty of sixty four hundred thousand slowest processors in the wall. I discovered the world's fastest computer on july four nineteen eighty nine. I discovered parallel processing by dividing compute intensive discreet or debris approximation of an initial boundary value. Problem of calculus and physics bridgen from a book climate model to modern social distancing that reduces the spread of corona virus disease within najim bosses. Pack passengers like salads. I chopped up each competing. Defensive problem into the challenging problems finally assigned one processor to solve one us. Beauty doesn't mathematical physics problem for the ball. I discovered the one problem. Two one process correspondence which i used to solve. Sixty four hundred thousand but not goal problems that it took -ality on societal.

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