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Matches healthy adults to help a person get supplies or something kind of along the lines of what Erika's describing Paige Miller flurry thanks for joining us thank you for having me tell us about Oakland at risk well I co founded this was a good friend who actually runs program that delivers free groceries to low income seniors and in the two weeks leading up to our shelter in place he started taking sides opposing your seniors were showing up to get groceries and we realize they would really be a need for this so she sent an email out to me on one day and by the next day we had our site up and we have matched about two hundred people so far we have nine hundred volunteers and it's it's really a great way for people who really shouldn't be out in public right now and putting themselves at risk to receive groceries medication and in some cases daily check ins from someone who just wants to know their okay and we're trying to do this by matching neighbor to neighbor which has been a topic in this program yeah hi and how can people sign up if you go to Oakland at risk dot com you have the opportunity to sign up as a volunteer or if someone at risk would like assistance it's a really simple Google Dr Dan of going to we get the information we keep it private and then we match people in some cases with people in their same building people across the street from them it's been amazing some of the connections we've been able to make that we hope last Barbie on this crisis and support our elders and other people who need assistance now and in the future and I noticed you're so you're sort of connecting people but you're encouraging people to take that relationship where they want to take it you're helping them make that initial connection but not necessarily maintaining it for them correct so we do the initial match we try to protect their privacy and let them decide how they want to build that relationship and we've gotten really good feedback from people who just wanted to know that there was someone there if they needed something someone who would check in on them because we had a lot of elders who are isolated and they were already somewhat isolated and now they don't have access to a lot of the services because of the you know the meals on wheels cruise senior centers shutting down so to know that they have that is sometimes enough but certainly the current Medicaid runs helped to zoo I wonder if any thoughts for merry a listener who writes do you have any suggestions on how family members or friends can help older people confined to their homes especially those living alone stay busy and positive so they don't see a decline in their mental or physical health I do think that that outreach even by a phone call and maybe even a couple of times a day it can be if their family members ordered defense if there's a way to teach them to use technology like him or face time what some families are doing is creating a project like could you go find this thing and take a picture of it for me in your house lots of different ways to kind of keep them stimulated but again what we're hearing from some of our elders is chest that angst but that's not about will I get the virus but being connected to a broader community is is important to them home page we were far thanks for coming on your what very welcome she's co founder of Oakland at risk which matches healthy adults to help a person at risk get the supplies and we've got lots of calls and comments can be let me go next to Brad in San Carlos hi Brad.

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Erika discussed on Forum

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