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Good morning. Everyone hit is the Bartlett Saturday show and a big story this week had to do with ways the ways navigation app a lot of people use it. I use it. I find it very very helpful for a number of reasons because it tells you whether or not there's traffic ahead. It tells you whether or not there's a disabled vehicle, and it tells you where the police are we gotta now that we have to know that well w Alice Stockton Rosellini was out on the street getting some reaction because the NYPD wants to shut it down, or at least the police notification part of it. Anyway, they're saying it it impedes their ability to do a job. And I spent I don't know a couple of hours at, you know, the ferry station Staten Island ferry station in Whitehall, and I talked to people with various opinions about it. And I was thinking the one thing I think me personally, I think it's like an overreach for the NYPD to send a cease and desist letter. Two Google saying, you know, we can't do our job. We can't catch drunk drivers. They're going to know where we are. But are they worried? Do you think for their safety like if we put if you just go two ways, and you know, where these cops are is that what this is about. And and they're just not saying it because if you look at the articles, it's just it just sounds like, you know, we can't catch drunk drivers. And people had some interesting comments about that. And people should know where we are. It's about safety and the whole safety debate confuses me because how how is it less safe? If you can see a cop because if you see a cop you slow down. And if you think there's one up there, you're going to die. I use it all the time. And I got to tell you most of the times when they tell you police ahead. I don't see them. Now, they may be very well hidden or they're gone. But I will tell you when I know that there are ways tells me police ahead. I slow down. Oh, yeah. Really so Google saying we're actually making the roads safer by giving you a heads up, and they're saying, no, you know, we can't do our job there. I talked to a lot of people. I only found one guy who agreed with NYPD at the app should be removed. His name's Dan hear what.

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