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Now i think it's the magic they have this whole online at for the orlando magic in it includes magic bucks trading in your old tickets if you're not gonna if you're seasonticket holder not gonna go used you give him back to the team for points and then you can use those points for merchandiser concessions or upgrades or meeting players so trying to create this online community connect with with season ticket holders but it also allows them via the app to have access to where you are what time you're arriving how many games are going to so by using those tickets i don't know if there's any way that they hope to transition to the ability to actually gauge who is using the ticket where they are what time there arriving like are they getting more information out of using that that a paper ticket the stella valium i guess does seem right in the wheel house of billion is nuanced complaints like what what's the biggest issue for you blow there's so many how about stopping cheap okay i paid the same price for my ticket how 'bout printed on a piece of paper waste owning your admit israel fancy like having a paper jagr's you feel yes southern cool habits ever tickets wv like hey look i was there for this i could was there for that in what am i going to join in a go through emails and showed people my phone like old pictures of this digital copy of a ticket ridiculous it is true i hate the print out tickets but i loved the fancy getting them in the mail it might put them in a shadow boxing for a couple months later tickets though i had season tickets to see why have still for the marlins and i was like expecting in the mail to come like this whole strip of all these tickets all these games in of so exciting.

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