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W w j news time to twenty cbs news special report the justice department has indicted twelve russian intelligence officers saying they hacked into e mail accounts run by the democratic national committee and the clinton campaign deputy attorney general rod rosenstein they targeted state and local officials responsible for ministering elections and they sent spear phishing emails to people involved in administering elections he adds in addition to releasing documents directly to the public the defendants transferred stolen documents to another organization that has not identified by name in the indictment cbs news legal analyst rikki cleveland at least in terms of an allegation you have substantial allegations here against people really directly involved in the russian government but cbs's paula reed says highly unlikely that any of these people will ever be extradited to the us to face charges we've seen that consistently not just russia but also china and other foreign actors cbs news special report and alison keys on newsradio nine fifty good afternoon i'm greg bowman and i'm brooke allen this justin celebrity photographer monica morgan has been sentenced to eighteen months in prison with a twenty five thousand dollar fine for her role in the chrysler uaw bribery case she only pleaded guilty to filing a false tax return and a deal made with prosecutors are john hewitt was in federal court for the sentencing and we'll have more throughout the afternoon there's been a nearly ninety percent drop in tax foreclosures of owner occupied homes in detroit since two thousand fifteen has wj said beat reporter vicki thomas tells us they're making progress in other areas to mayor mike duggan says they are now making progress and tax foreclosures and homes where renters are staying renters like rachel williams sims and her family i know you guys probably say mosul back there as the mayor was talking but we were the renters the landlord actually came in this past the timber and just said hey i'm not paying property sucks so no more she says she was ready to leave betrayed until she called the united community housing coalition and found out about the right of first refusal program know too much about it but i said you know what i'm gonna put my faith in that's what i did and i'm so excited about being a first time homebuyer vicki thomas w w j newsradio nine fifty wwe news time to twenty two let's find out what's hot around town i'm w w j's roberta just saying look at what's hot around town this is a huge concert weekend in metro detroit journey and def leppard live on stage tonight at comerica park also tonight weezer and pixies at dt.

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