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The which the non holland fall gone it is why you want abidjan's zone high forty eight years of an ally in the morning dominance of everything tame i'm jason relaxes the country superstar don maclean and you don't forget the show never stops on social media follow as there were most active on the installer glaama loss in style in style uh jay lacks an the city's dawn at dark in jason mathison and of course the mitag one of seven one account always on behind the scenes things there but let's do you have anything up there anyway all those isolated courses they were posing for me all the fancy conceive assets in our time at the zoo 'cause we went on friday and a lot of fun picking out the animals and discovery bay were after party's going to be so the johnny of them do pigs to don't you them i don't know what is going to do i i know that i had pictures of all my birthday at the lexington and yes so that was great meal the feast that i have some pictures over the weekend of the bully walk and then a little dinner party that we had was and special guests you can see all of that seventy nine to sign huge you fun fifty seven forty two two two five and to fund are coming up on seven fifty thumbed his i'm just yes some this is actually a part to you were not here for part one of this love that oh seventy hanson was here and we were talking about an full disclosure because i have a lotta people in my life including my husband that no restaurant people are in the restaurant business whether you know of straight straight from a restaurant or kind of a six 94 their advice bob in some way i i hear this a lot from a variety of people so i wanted to bring it to the people to help all of you out and that is don't wait to complain about food or service at a restaurant don't wait until you get home and then right a horrible review on yelp or google or facebook do yourself a favor because you're paying for it let somebody know let a.

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