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Brad Stevens, Celtics, Sixers discussed on Big Daddy Graham Show


Find a way to overcome this. I hope I hope you're right one final thing. And I know I'm going to get slammed the second this. But we're talking about Horford and Embiid. It does it seem like Brad. Stevens is always in the NFL coaches. You were saying outsmart Celtics are. A doubling up on Radic and making sure the other plate, you know. I'm going with this. Yeah. It does seem that way. And and just just the same thing as I said, I'm beat Peiser Abril at Brett Brown wants to be known as one of the great coaches you have to find a way to get his position to execute. Better. These games. I well, particularly these gains and thanks for the call Mike against the Boston, stinking Celtics. I see beat placement spacing a little bit differently. So as many tell me think I'm off on this. I think the Sixers at the fight so hard to get decent looks against the Celtics and. The best offensive team in the league this year, the top five they have all those wings thrown at you. And it just gives the Sixers problem with creating open looks open space. And I would think that part of of why Brown has indeed or be decided to go out to that, you know, closer the perimeters. I think they got like they gotta run more offense for more screens or more action. And he just ends up there because you know, Marcus Morris has length. Jaylen Brown is Lang's Tatum's like sneaky links till he looks like a slim guy, but he's pretty long guy Hayward that guy Thais. They just yeah. What what's up with that? Baynes isn't even playing. Yeah, they're gaining. I say day. I really should be saying he as in Brad Stevens, getting quality men ten of a guy like Thais. Yeah. In Marcus smart is a dog on def- here. He is a great defender carriers years above average, no surprise that. It was. Marcus who spoke out that was Mars who Spokane who's me. So I think you know, a lot of it is indeed trying to set up St. set up guys you screenings setting pigs doing his two main game with JJ, and he just ends up out there. And next thing you you look up, and there's there's eight seconds on the shot clock or whatever. And they still haven't found a good shot to get up, and if the sharks winding down in the best options of being three, and that's that's just it. Just happens, buddy. Scott to stop happening. They have to it's Browns job to stop that from happening. I want to say, and I can't say this many certainy that Brad Stevens would figure now. Now, he's really good. He k- he gives the Sixers a unique defensive looked at it, just especially Simmons Simmons of above. You know anyone else on the Sixers it just they look at it. And they're just they don't know if they're looking at their thrown off. Again, it's not like getting beat by chopped liver here. Brad Stevens is really really good. But rows been in the league longer. Okay. And I thought Brad Stevens got hired like couple of weeks before. Did he really? Yeah. Because when the Sixers had a head coaching vacancy, the the the Celtics scooped up Stevens and Stevens. I want to say it was like July first week of July and twenty thirteen..

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Brad Stevens, Celtics, Sixers discussed on Big Daddy Graham Show

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